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21700 flashlightsRechargeable Flashlight – Top 3 reasons you need one today !The Best Rechargeable Flashlights in 2020 from Nitecore

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Nitecore Store’s Top 5 Rechargeable Flashlights of 2020

Key Takeaways A list of USB-C rechargeable flashlights available at Nitecore Store The MH10 v2 and MH12 v2 – good all-round rechargeable flashlights The P10i and P20i – the tactical rechargeable flashlights The MH10S and MH12S – the latest and greatest rechargeable flashlights Are you looking for a rechargeable flashlight, well you are in luck. […]

5 Best Features to Consider When You Buy a Rechargeable Flashlight

Key Takeaways Choose the brightness that suits your situation. Rechargeable flashlights have both built-in and removable batteries. Micro-USB & USB-C charging ports are more common and a safer bet. The size of the flashlight matters & is dependent on its use. Some rechargeable flashlights have different display features, determine whats necessary. 1. How Bright Do […]

21700 Flashlights are the Next-Gen Rechargeable Flashlight

Key Takeaways 21700 flashlights are the next-gen rechargeable flashlight with improved brightness and runtime. They are powered by 21700 rechargeable batteries, the latest battery technology that powers electric cars. 21700 batteries have a higher capacity and energy density than 18650 batteries. 21700 flashlights often have standard USB-C ports that allow quick charging via power sources […]

The Best Rechargeable Flashlights in 2020 from Nitecore

What makes the best rechargeable flashlights? Charge speed is an important factor to consider. Faster speeds means less down time for your rechargeable flashlights Rechargeable flashlights without integrated batteries tend to offer multiple power options and allow you more flexibility. The best rechargeable flashlight is going to keep power discharge to a minimum, so it […]

Rechargeable Flashlight – Top 3 reasons you need one today !

Key takeaways: Rechargeable flashlights keep your gear lightweight. No need to carry a bulky charger. Don’t throw away your money on disposable batteries. Look for a USB charging port to be compatible with widely available power sources. Speed up the charging with USB-C quick charge support. Rechargeable flashlights take care of one of the most […]

NITECORE NM01: 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Everyday carry enthusiasts, get ready to meet an all-inclusive flashlight you won’t want to leave home without. The NITECORE NM01 EDC flashlight packages a 1000 lumen output in a palm-sized aluminum body. Read, inspect, search, and signal with ease! Best of all? The NM01 runs off a USB rechargeable internal battery so you don’t need […]

First Look at the NITECORE TUP 1000 Lumen Rechargeble Mini EDC Flashlight

The NITECORE TUP is here! If you thought the TIP was revolutionary, just wait until you get your hands on the TUP. Boasting a 1000 lumen bright maximum output, the TUP takes keychain and everyday carry flashlights to the next level. Here’s a quick run-down of the NITECORE TUP features BRIGHT OUTPUT: CREE XP-L HD […]

NITECORE TM10K: A Flashaholic Dream Come True

  Now taking pre-orders for the NITECORE TM10K 10,000 Lumen Flashlight “I still remember when I was voting together with a bunch of flashaholics in an online forum to express the opinions on our dream flashlight a dozen years ago. What features would there be in this dream flashlight? The adventurous story behind it or […]

1 More Reason to Love the NITECORE Concept 2

Taking a look at the specification chart of the NITECORE Concept 2, the first thing to jump out is the impressive Turbo mode output. At 6500 lumens, this is the brightest flashlight currently in the NITECORE lineup and worth picking up for the Turbo mode alone. But a deeper look at the specs reveals an […]