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Nitecore Power Bank Lineup – Updated!

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Nitecore Power Banks at a Glance:

  • The NB series offers lightweight, low-profile options that are perfect for everyday activities and staying power on the go.
  • The NPB series offers slightly larger, more durable power banks that are great for all outdoor activities and everyday carry.

Nitecore Power Banks

Picking a great power bank can be a tough task to accomplish, which is why we wrote 6 Things To Consider When Buying A Power Bank. We highly recommend checking that blog out first before diving into the Nitecore Power Bank Line Up.

In today’s Nitecore Power Bank guide, we’re going to highlight the different banks in the Nitecore lineup so you can understand the differences between models and find exactly what you need whether you’re camping, running, working, preparing, or anything else in between.

NPB Series - Waterproof Power Banks for Outdoor

The Nitecore NPB Power Bank series are great power banks that are built to thrive and survive in any outdoor terrain with you. These banks have an IP68 rating and have impact-resistant construction. They have capacities of 5000mAh, 10000mAh, and 20000mAh. The NPB series features a touch sensor that displays the current power level using blue led indicators. The NPB series also has multiple protection safeguards such as overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and many more.

NB Series - Sleek and Lightweight Power Banks for EDC

The Nitecore NB Power Banks are extra compact and offer a sleek design. They have a tough solid carbon fiber body frame and are much lighter than conventional power banks with a similar capacity. These banks are IPX5 water-resistant rated. They also have a power level display that can be accessed by pressing the mode button and is displayed by either 3 or 4 blue led indicators. Plus these banks, similar to the NPB series, have multiple protection safeguards like overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and many more.

Carbo Series - Sleek and Lightweight Power Banks for EDC

A unibody carbon fiber shell makes the Carbo Series extremely durable and not likely to crack after dropping, achieving an impact resistance of 1.5m and IPX5 rating. As a result of combining a carbon fiber shell and an internal compression structure, it has excellent pressure resistance, over 200% greater than the Nitecore NB10000. The Carbo Series currently has power banks is a 10,00mAh capacity and a 20,000 mAh capacity, allowing you to choose the best one to fit your needs. Both include a USB-A and USB-C port and four blue LEDs that will display the remaining power. Both power banks also feature a Low Current Mode for devices such as Bluetooth headphones and smartwatches

A person with a camping backpack on. They hold the Carbo 20000 in their hand.
A person on red skis in mid-air. They are angled downward with their feet kicked up so you can see the bottom of their skis.

Summit Series - Built for Low Temperatures

The Summit Series is one of the world's first low temperature resistant power banks, specially designed for low-temperature environments. They can provide continuous use at -40°F (-40°C) and stable output in low-temperature environments, making the impossible possible. Equipped with the PI heating system, the Summit Series has high efficiency and high-speed heating performance to ensure that the battery can work at an appropriate temperature to reduce the loss of power. The Summit power banks will activate Low Temperature Heating Mode automatically when its temperature is below 0°C / 32℉ and there is input or output, due to the integrated intelligent temperature detection modules. In addition, the preheating function will be activated when connected to an external power source in low-temperature environments. The Summit power banks will also always be in heating status during preheating with no power consumption to maintain an appropriate temperature so that it can be used directly.

Other Power Banks From Nitecore

Nitecore NC10000

With a weight of only 5.94 oz, the NC10000 is an ultra-lightweight power bank like those in the NB series. This significantly reduces the load for daily outdoor activities or activities in highland areas. Additionally, the NC10000's size is another design priority. Compared to the NB series' brick shape, the oval shape of the NC10000 not only provides a smaller size but also makes it easier to carry in a pocket. The NC1000 also has two LEDs with 50 lumens output at the bottom. Compared to the flashlight of a smartphone, the LEDs of the NC10000 emit a brighter light beam with a longer range and a more focused central spot. In an outdoor emergency, the NC10000 can provide up to 30 hours of continuous illumination, turning into an emergency lighting tool at any time.

Nitecore NW5000

This versatile power bank supports up to 15W Qi wireless charging and 20W QC/PD wired charging, compatible with a wide range of smartphones. The 5,000mAh battery is housed in a slim, 120-gram frame that measures just 0.42" in thickness, offering portability without compromising on power. The NW5000 automatically starts charging upon magnetic attachment with a device and can be connected for charging even when it enters hibernation mode. Additionally, the NW5000 is equipped with a premium liquid silicone on its back, supporting Low Current Mode and 18W self-charging power.

A person charges their phones in one hand while holding the NC1000 in the other hand.

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