Do You Need a Flashlight with Beacon Mode?

Beacon Mode Beacon Mode is a flashing light that continuously blinks. The primary reason for the intermittent intervals between on/off is to lengthen the runtime of the light. It is a simple setting designed to attract attention for as long as possible. The reasons for attracting attention to the person carrying the light are many, […]

Summer Camping with Nitecore 2022

Key Takeaways: Flashlights work in the summer Ultra compact gear to move lightly Summer camping is an outdoor activity Know power requirements in advance Camping with Nitecore A recent study found that over 48 million couples and families went camping in 2020 including the summer. Camping is the pastime of families that enjoy nature and […]

What flashlight does the military use?

Key Takeaways: Must be hard to break Should be protected from water and dust Compact or mountable High Luminosity What type of flashlight does the military use? The military uses a variety of lights depending on the application, however the common foot soldier is most likely to carry a tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlights prefered by […]

What kind of Flashlights do Firefighters use?

Key Takeaways: Only you can prevent forest fires Waterproofedness is an obvious must Resistant to temperature extremes Dust-proofedness (ash is fine dust) Firefighter Flashlights This post exists because firefighters use flashlights. Though tautological it is sufficient justification. Firefighters need flashlights because it is often dark where they are deployed. Which may not seem intuitive because […]

All About Signal Lights

Key Takeaways: Signal lights are lights that are good at signaling. Is a signal light a signal or a light? Are all lights signal lights or are all signal lights, lights? Lightweight illumination lights are light alight lights? Prometheus Signal lights have existed since the dawn of time. The previous sentence is stylistic of modern […]