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What Makes A Good Police Flashlight?

Key Takeaways: A good police flashlight is bright, 1000 lumen minimum. Long battery life is important, at least 30 minutes on the highest setting and 15 hours on its lowest. You want a flashlight that is made from strong and durable material, like metal or titanium. You want a decent-sized flashlight that is also large […]

What Makes A Flashlight Tactical?

Key Takeaways Overall, tactical flashlights are made in a way that allows them to double as a weapon or survival tool. High brightness and many versatility modes. Reliable, tough, and durable. Made from strong material. Designed for tactical use with user-friendly operation. What Is A Tactical Flashlight & When To Use One With the emergence […]

Gift Guide 2020 – Tactical Flashlights and Hunting Lights

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu This is the big one lads. NITECORE offers an extensive line of tactical flashlights, headlamps and accessories designed to look good on Instagram. In addition long throw hunting lights have made it on this list […]

Are the NITECORE MH12GTS & MH25GTS flashlights waterproof?

NITECORE recently introduced a re-designed tactical tail cap for rechargeable flashlights that includes a micro-USB charging port built directly into the cap. Featured on the newly arrived MH12GTS and MH25GTS rechargeable flashlights, this revolutionary design offers dual protection from water and dust ingress with an internally waterproof micro-USB port and rubber cover. And because the […]

Introducing the NITECORE RSW2D Pressure Switch

Add remote accessibility to your P12GTS, MH12GTS or MH25GTS with the NITECORE RSW2D pressure switch and weapon mount your flashlight for hunting, law enforcement, tactical, and home defense needs. SIMPLE TO OPERATE Three control areas provide all the functionality you need to operate your flashlight remotely. A: Use this button to adjust your brightness output. […]

Why an Infinite Brightness Flashlight is a Must Have in Your Gear

Do you wish your flashlight had more output levels? Or maybe different ones? The truth is no matter how thoughtful a design, a flashlight with predetermined levels will never work for every single user. The new infinite brightness rotary switch on the NITECORE P26, EC22 and MT22C solve this problem by giving you infinite brightness […]

Tactical Flashlight Guide: 5 Tips for Picking out the Best Tactical Flashlight

Key takeaways choosing a tactical flashlight: Brighter is better when it comes to tactical lights. Your tac light should have easy access to the modes you’ll need most, like strobe and turbo. Size and feel are important. A properly sized light for you will ensure smoother, more confident usage. Some tactical lights have secondary outputs […]

Side-by-Side: NITECORE P26, EC22 and MT22C Flashlights

Control Your Output NITECORE’s new rotary switch frees your from preset outputs and puts the power of infinite possibilities at your fingertips! Now available on the P26, EC22 and MT22C models. Smoothly and quickly twist through infinitely variable brightnesses ranging from 0.5 to 1000 lumens. Starting at the lowest output by default, the EC22 keeps […]

Coming Soon: NITECORE P12GTS 1800 Lumen Long Throw Tactical Flashlight

Have you heard? The NITECORE P12GTS flashlight is the newest upgrade to one our of best-selling flashlights. Now equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD LED, the P12GTS reaches a blazing 1800 lumen max brightness with 247 yards of throw distance. The P12GT has been a consistent favorite among mechanics, handymen, DIY, EDC, construction workers, maintenance […]