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Nitecore Store’s Top 5 Rechargeable Flashlights of 2020

Rechargeable Flashlight

Nitecore Store's Top 5 Rechargeable Flashlights

Key Takeaways

  • A list of USB-C rechargeable flashlights available at Nitecore Store
  • The MH10 v2 and MH12 v2 - good all-round rechargeable flashlights
  • The P10i and P20i - the tactical rechargeable flashlights
  • The MH10S and MH12S - the latest and greatest rechargeable flashlights

Are you looking for a rechargeable flashlight, well you are in luck. This list is comprised of a selection of what I consider to be the most indicative thematically or symbolically when I think of a "rechargeable flashlight" that is available on Nitecore Store as of January 2021. The common theme that all of these lights share is that they are all USB-C rechargeable. The hip new standard for fast battery charging.

I have but one fatal flaw, I know not how to count. So although the corresponding video is a "Top 5 Rechargeable Flashlight from Nitecore" I could not help but include a 6th. Consider it an honorable mention, or perhaps a consequence of my sympathetic nature which leads to an inability to cast out the unworthy.


MH10 v2

The MH10 v2 makes it on this list because it is the standard all around rechargeable flashlight form Nitecore Store that I recommend to people who do not need something highly specialized. Now there are quite a few improvements from the original MH10. The MH10 - 1000 lumen, the MH10 V2 is 1200 lumen max. The original MH10 - micro USB charging port, the MH10 v2 comes with a USB-C charging port. Finally, the MH10 came with an 18650 battery, but the MH10 v2 a 21700 battery.
rechargeable flashlight

MH12 v2

All of the upgrades that I mentioned in the MH10 v2 section apply to the MH12 v2 as well. They have the same LED, max brightness, brightness modes, beam distance, and runtimes. However, here is the key difference. If you are like me and need that clickity tail switch of the MH12 v2, then this is the rechargeable light for you. Additionally, the MH10 v2 comes with a 4000mAh battery whereas the MH12 v2 comes with a 5000mAh battery.
rechargeable flashlight


The P10i as well as its slightly larger counterpart the P20i are on the list because they are the bad boys that broke the unofficial rules of Nitecore's classificatory nomenclature. The P10i is part of the illustrious new iSeries from Nitecore that feature a customized 21700 battery with improved capabilities. Coupled with the P10i's fast charging, upgraded USB-C port, this slim tactical flashlight is the new standard for tactical EDC from Nitecore.


The P20i and P10i have many similarities. They both have a max brightness of 1800 lumen. They are both equipped with Nitecore's patented Strobe Ready Technology: where you hold the mode pedal, for instant strobe. However, the P10i is a straight tube flashlight, the P20i is more of a traditional bell shaped. The larger reflector translates to over 375 yards of beam throw. Additionally, the P20i's bezel is made of steel and features 3 silicone nitrided inlays for glass breaking.


The MH10S is the overachiever when compared to the MH10 v2. It has an 1800 lumen max that can translate to over 321 yards of beam throw. It is somehow even more compact than its predecessor the MH10 v2. Of course, it is on this list because it has a built-in USB-C charging port that will fast charge the included 4000mAh NL2140 battery. No matter whether you use it for daily tasks, for work, on patrol, or hiking and camping, MH10S is an indispensable companion.
rechargeable flashlight


Much like the dichotomy that exists between the MH10 v2 and MH12 v2 the MH10S and MH12S share many similarities but also a crucial difference. They have the same LED, same max brightness which is 1800 lumen. The same beam throw which is 321 yards and very similar weight and dimensions. However, the MH12S comes with a larger capacity NL2150 battery and the tactical tail switch some people cannot live without.

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