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Why You Should Use a Flashlight for Self-Defense

  • Identify the threat
  • Temporarily blind the attacker
  • Use the non-lethal weapon against your aggressor

Why Should I Use a Flashlight for Self-Defense?


    Flashlights today are up to 100 times brighter than they were in the year 2000!


Flashlights are so bright now they can force someone to:
  • Look away
  • Close their eyes
  • Hold their hand in front of their face
  • Turn away

A Flashlight can also be used as a weapon

Some flashlight designs have teeth called crenulated bezels that maximize the force of impact onto a smaller surface area. This feature is intended for breaking glass, but it can also be used for striking the head of an assailant.


How to Use a Flashlight for Self-Defense


Stun and Run

Prepare to defend yourself

Threat detection on its own is not easy, so you should positively identify if someone is a threat first before attacking them.

Have the Flashlight Ready

Place the flashlight somewhere you know it will always be. If you cannot find the flashlight you will panic.

Grab your flashlight before they are close, have it ready, and prepare yourself.

Attach a Tactical Ring Clip

A Tactical Ring Clip can be added to many flashlights to improve the grip while also gaining the added ability to clip to a pocket or a belt. Motor control can become less precise during stressful situations so it is extremely important that the flashlight is easy to locate and the motions are quick and instinctual. This step is important to practice again and again.

Preset Flashlight to Start With Strobe Mode

The darker the environment the more vulnerable a person is to experiencing temporary flash blindness. Even during the day, if you’ve ever driven towards a sunset, you will have a hard time looking directly into the light. The Strobe Mode causes the pupils to dilate and the random pattern of flashing reduces the brain's ability to see clearly. Plus, the Strobe Mode is set to the flashlight's max luminosity with the click of a button. Easy to operate = Best results. Use the Strobe.

When Should I Use The Flashlight?


From Far Away or Nearby

There is no perfect distance the flashlight should be used. Compare the two options and make a decision on what the situation calls for.

When Far Away

In a dark environment, just being able to see clearly when others can’t makes a flashlight on its own extremely useful.

If someone had evil intent, their actions might be influenced knowing they can be easily seen by you and possibly others.

Shining the light too early will give him time to think and his eyes will adjust. He will then figure out how to protect his eyes and defend himself against the flashlight and you.

*If the suspect is clearly running at you, shine the light on the target as early as possible with the intent to defend.

When Nearby

In a dark environment, just being able to see clearly when others can’t makes a flashlight on its own extremely useful.

Wait till the person is a couple yards away from you. Shine the flashlight at their eyes holding the light with an ice pick grip near your head.

This method will give you the greatest element of surprise. The assailant will likely not have planned for this, so they will not quickly adapt.

You can take advantage of their compromised vision and confusion to strike the individual in the head with an ice pick motion when they are unprepared. Take this opportunity to run away and make as much noise as possible to attract attention. The bright light will make you highly visible so make sure to leave the light on during your escape.

What flashlight should I use for Self-Defense?

Key Factors

  • Brightness
  • A Force Multiplier
  • Size & Weight

You should look for the brightest flashlights in your price range

Even a 1000 Lumen flashlight can be effective at temporarily blinding someone, however generally speaking the greater the luminosity the brighter your flashlight. The higher the brightness, the more effective your light will be at averting their gaze providing the perfect opportunity to strike.

A Force multiplier is something that localizes the force into a smaller area

Consider using the tactical ring mentioned earlier to keep your flashlight in the palm of your hand so that it doesn’t fall out when striking. Crenulated Bezels can be used as force multipliers.

Heavier flashlights hit harder

You will likely prefer to have a flashlight that is small and light, however a flashlight that is too small and too light might not create the distance and impact necessary to escape.

Best Flashlights for Self-Defense


The P10i is still extremely bright and more importantly budget friendly flashlight for self-defense purposes. It may not have as many lumens as the P20iX, but the light is focused in a smaller radius. It is almost 2x brighter than the P20iX within this beam for a fraction of the cost. Convenient to carry and durable, the P10i is also Tactical Ring compatible and Strobe Mode ready just like the P20iX.

NITECORE P20iX 4000 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight

The P20iX is the best high luminosity flashlight for self-defense. It is compact and easy to transport while yet still extremely rigid. The P20iX can achieve 4000 Max Lumens making it one of the brightest flashlights on the market. Capable of a high intensity Strobe mode and a Lock setting to ensure the right mode is ready once turned on. Tactical Ring compatible and easy to grip body will help keep the flashlight on your hand during a fight. The power button located on the tail will prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning off during use. This is the best all around self-defense flashlight for someone with no room to spare.

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Use a Flashlight for Self-Defense

  • I want to say that I love J5 flashlight. It is exactly what I need when I have to see in the dark. Very good flashlight so far. Only 1 AA battery and the results are very good. Great price for quality.

    • We’re sorry you feel that way! Using a flashlight as a self-defense weapon is not a joke. Tactical flashlights with strobe functions can disorient attackers, providing a valuable window for escape. Their impact-resistant design allows for effective strikes in dire situations, and their extended reach enhances situational awareness. While not a substitute for proper training, a flashlight can serve as a practical tool to keep yourself safe.

  • A flashlight is the best defense tool, bar none. You can carry it in almost any situation, and even if it is used improperly, it will not cause harm to people or get arrested. It is not so simple for guns, sprays, and knives. Moreover, the flashlight is very versatile and can be used before, during and after a threat occurs. In the early stage, it can be used to scout the environment to avoid potential threats or simply fall into a pit while walking. After a mid-term threat occurs, the flashlight can be used as a powerful distraction tool, temporarily blinding the person. In the later stage, if you run away and use a flashlight to call for help, or use a flashlight to fight, if your area allows guns to be carried, it can be even more powerful when combined with a flashlight.

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