Fast Charging with USB Power Sources

Each day it seems like more and more devices are moving to USB power inputs to charge. Unlike AC outlets which vary around the world, USB has become a universal standard and is widely available. However, with the ubiquity of such devices, you’ve likely run into at least one instance where a USB charger seemed […]

NITECORE Battery Chargers: Which Charger is Right for You?

Why NITECORE Chargers There are plenty of options out there for battery chargers, so we understand what it means when you pick NITECORE to power your gear. These are just a few reasons why we stand out above the competition: Intelligent Charging All NITECORE chargers feature intelligent circuitry to automatically detect your battery and apply […]

Meet NITECORE’s Line of Camera Battery Chargers

In the Fall of 2017, NITECORE began introducing camera battery chargers to our line up of high quality charging products. With these chargers designed to meet the needs of busy photographers at home and on the road, we’ve been quietly expanding the models and brands supported ever since. If you’re looking to supplement or replace […]