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3 Reasons Why You Need the NITECORE LC10

New in our store this week is the NITECORE LC10 magnetic USB charger and folks, this charger is a dream for back country camping. Taking up practically no space in your bag or easily carried in a pocket, this charger makes up for its small size with a TON of functionality. Here are 3 reasons why you NEED to add this to your gear.

Reason #1: Charge nearly ALL li-ion/IMR batteries

Thanks to magnetic charging nodes rather than a fixed-size bay, the LC10 can handle any size cylindrical li-ion battery you throw its way. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying popular batteries sizes like 18650, 16340 and 14500 or something more elusive, this charger will work.

Compatible with USB devices, the LC10 can be used with laptops, solar panels, power banks and AC adapters to charge your batteries quickly and safely.

Reason #2: Pair with a battery to charge mobile devices

For back country exploration, the LC10 can be turned into a power bank by pairing it with a charged battery to power micro-USB and Apple devices.

If you’re using a solar panel, this means you can charge your batteries by day and other devices at night for extra long excursions.

Reason #3: Built-in reading light

NITECORE added as much utility as they could with the LC10, and the addition of a backup reading light knocks this charger out of the park. Tap the sensor switch on the back of the charging indicator and access 3 brightness levels up to 10 lumens — that’s plenty for reading in the tent or emergencies.

Want one? Pick up the LC10 for only $19.95.

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