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Waistlights vs headlamps


  • Waistlights are better for running and hiking

Decades of technological progress has transformed the human running experience and made it better than ever. We now have access to whatever song we want to listen to and do so wirelessly, track our runs by the inch with a map illustrating our course, and do so at night using state of the art LEDs that paint the landscape with visible light during the dead of night. Never has running been more enjoyable than it is right now, but the downside is all this extra stuff takes up space and weighs you down. This problem has many solutions, however there is one solution that is better than the rest: The waistlight!

Battle between the headlamp and waistlight begins

The headlamp currently is the most widely used lighting device for people who run or hike long distances at night, but it will soon be replaced by the waistlight. The reason for this is many of the issues that come with a headlamp are fixed by using a waistlight instead.

Headlamp cons:

  • Light is shining directly into other people's faces at an elevated angle
  • The headband gets sweaty and starts to smell after several uses
  • The battery is small and doesn't offer long runtimes
  • Stronger headlamps get really hot
  • Requires separate storage when not in use



Waistlight pros:

  • Longer runtimes due to larger power supplies
  • Running belt offers additional storage space
  • Fixed lighting angle delivers lumens where they need them most
  • Superior weight distribution with lower center of gravity
  • Potentially digger lights with bigger batteries




Why is a running belt better than a backpack or armband?


  • It’s lighter than a backpack
  • Everything is easier to access requiring less effort
  • Doesn’t bounce as much
  • Better temperature regulation
  • Cables are easy to organize
  • Lots of storage space

The best way to run long distances is with a running belt


The belt and its contents are located right at your center of gravity

    • Will not impact balance
    • The location of the weight will not change how you run
    • The added weight will feel the lightest here

A running belt can hold many things

      • Cell Phone
      • Music Player
      • Battery
      • Keys
      • Water
      • Food
      • First Aid
  • Lighting
  • Clothing Articles
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Electrolytes
  • Marathon Identification Papers
  • Self-Defense Weapons

Things to look for in a good running light:

  • Weight
  • Brightness
  • Light Color High CRI
  • Comfort
  • Utility
  • Signaling
  • Floodlight
  • Battery Life
  • Different Intensity settings

Nitecore's UT05 Running Belt

The Nitecore UT05 is a bright yet lightweight running light that wraps around the waist through the belt loops or running belt. Its dual LED modules emit a maximum of 400 lumen 160° wide flood beam that covers the ground up to 29 yards in front of you, which ensures the ultimate visibility and safety. Rated IP66 water resistant, this thing works rain or shine, and is made from durable anodized aluminum for the extra reliability and durability. The UT05 is perfect for night running, dog walking or jogging during dawn and dusk.

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