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All About Signal Lights

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Key Takeaways:

  • Signal lights are lights that are good at signaling.
  • Is a signal light a signal or a light?
  • Are all lights signal lights or are all signal lights, lights?
  • Lightweight illumination lights are light alight lights?


Signal lights have existed since the dawn of time. The previous sentence is stylistic of modern blogs and is but an attempt to manipulate the reader into thinking the subject matter is fundamental. Certainly, the discovery of fire was a truly meaningful historical marker in the timeline of mankind. However, it did not take much time post discovery of fire, for one protohuman to hold aloft a lit branch and wave it to-and-fro to garner the attention of a far off protohuman.

The Earliest Signal Lights

Thus, the signal light was born. A simple torch, a branch with the tip aflame. Meaningful communication was then achieved by coordinating gesticulating and later on by the manipulation of the flame with wet blankets with a methodical cadence to create smoke signals.

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signal lights

The Ontological

What is the primary purpose of a signal light? Signal and safety lights are devices that draw attention to hazardous conditions or industrial waste to alert other individuals in the public of potential dangers and emergencies. These signal lights can also be used to notify passerbys or others far away that you are in need of assistance or attention.

The Recreational

Additionally, signal lights can be used recreationally, of course ideally at night time to notify other individuals of your presence. Of course, not because you are an insufferable individual that requires copious amounts of attention to satisfy your neurosis, but because you are an insufferable individual that participates in outdoor activities at night time that are normally done during the day time.

This includes activities such as, biking, walking, jogging, camping, cycling, equestrian, nordic cross country, three card monte, and astrapomancy. One must always take into consideration that humans do not have great scotopic vision and thus wearing a signal light is paramount to ensuring one's own safety.


NU Series

This is where lights like the Nitecore NU series come in handy. These ultra lightweight multi-LED devices provide a wide range of colors, patterns, and most importantly long run times to ensure you get maximum visibility at night. You can wear it on your head, strap it to your arm, clip it to your belt, cinch it to one's shoe, wedge it betwixt the extremities, the possibilities are endless.

Specifically, the latest NU06 LE and NU06 MI. These two multi-color signal lights can be affixed via its three different brackets to all the manner of different surfaces. The flat and curved plate have hook-and-loop backings which can be slapped onto velcro surfaces. The flat plate is also magnetic allowing one to transfer it onto ferromagnetic surfaces. The square molle bracket secures the signal light to molle systems.


However, the primary takeaway is that although these two lights are specialized for law enforcement and military applications. The formidable multifaceted four formation formula, fulfills functionality far from furtive but can be festive, functional, never failure in futility. It can be used by anyone to provide long lasting, easy to spot, lighting to accomplish the most simple goal of communicating to others in the most efficient way possible.

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