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1 More Reason to Love the NITECORE Concept 2

Taking a look at the specification chart of the NITECORE Concept 2, the first thing to jump out is the impressive Turbo mode output. At 6500 lumens, this is the brightest flashlight currently in the NITECORE lineup and worth picking up for the Turbo mode alone. But a deeper look at the specs reveals an even bigger reason why you might want to consider adding the Concept 2 to your gear set up.

Extended Runtimes on the NITECORE Concept 2 Flashlight

While 6500 lumens is fun, and certainly has times when it’s useful, the reality is the Turbo output is designed for short duration bursts and not for running hours on end. Even then, the ability to run for 30 minutes on Turbo is impressive. However, where the Concept 2 really, ahem, shines is the runtime you get on the lower modes.
You see, in order to support such a bright Turbo output, the Concept 2 uses a built-in li-ion battery pack equivalent to four (4) high drain 3100mAh li-ion batteries. The result is a vastly superior runtime when compared to similar outputs on a single 18650 flashlight. For example, most single 18650 flashlights like the NITECORE MH12GT are rated for ~1 hour at 1000 lumens. The larger battery power inside the Concept 2 pushes the runtime on 1000 lumens to 6 hours and 30 minutes. 
The battery power behind the Concept 2 becomes even more clear as you decrease the brightness. For walking, reading and up close tasks, you’ll most likely find the Low mode (285 lumens) is plenty of light. At this level, the Concept 2 is rated for up to 16 hours of runtime on a full charge. That’s equivalent to full work days without needing to charge.
When you get to the lowest output on the Concept 2, ultralow (1 lumen), the runtime shoots all the way up to 2000 hours or 83 days. While you’re probably going to need brighter modes from time to time, ultralow is incredibly popular for night reading and situations where you don’t want to disturb your night vision. (For comparison, the MH12GT is rated for 300 hours at 1 lumen.)
And the best part is, the Concept 2 maintains a sleek, compact body that’s a little bit smaller than a soda can. That makes it easy to carry this flashlight wherever you travels take you.
So if you’re looking at the Concept 2 and wondering just how practical a 6500 lumen flashlight really is, the answer is surprisingly practical! Not only do you have the luxury of the intensely bright Turbo mode, but for more frequent usages the Concept 2’s runtimes can’t be beat.
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