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NITECORE Concept 2 in Action – Check out this 6500 lumen Flashlight BEAST!

We first saw this flashlight in January at Shot Show and have been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Well, today is the day!! Order your Concept 2 on


Brightest Flashlight from NITECORE

At 6500 lumens maximum output, the Concept 2 takes the cake for brightest flashlight in NITECORE’s line up. The power of four CREE XHP35 HD LEDs combine for a peak beam intensity rated at 39,7000 cd and 435 yard throw capability. Simply put, the Concept 2 has a wide, cone-like beam that’s perfect for lighting up large spaces with ease. We found this light to be a great choice for boating, camping, fishing, mountaineering and other outdoor sports.
On a full charge, you can run Turbo for up to 30 minutes which is luxurious when you realize you only really need Turbo for short bursts. When we took it out for a test, we found Mid (1000 lumens) to be more than adequate for most situations and often dropped down to Low (285 lumens) when doing up close tasks.

Compact Body for Easy Carry

If the sheer power of the Concept 2 wasn’t enough, let’s talk about size. The Concept 2 is amazingly compact when you compared to other lights of this class. The official dimensions are L-4.42″xW-1.57″xH-1.57″, but we know what you really care about is how comfortable it is to carry the Concept 2.
While we wouldn’t consider the Concept 2 to be a true everyday carry, the truth is it fits comfortably in the pocket of a pair of cargo shorts and remained comfortable when clipped to a belt. A deep pocket clip helps secure the light, and the holster is compatible with 2″ belts.

Built-in Li-ion Battery & Charging

The Concept 2 includes everything you need to power and charge the flashlight right out of the box. A built-in 12400mAh li-ion battery is equivalent to 4x 3100mAh high drain 18650 batteries which gives an incredible run time of up to 2000 hours on Ultralow.
The Concept 2 also includes 12v AC adapter to quickly charge the flashlight. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge, and an indicator light under the control switch lets you know when it is finished.
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