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Nitecore Battery Line up

Battery Capacity Just like li-ion batteries can come in a variety of physical sizes, there is also a range of battery capacities available. A battery capacity, labeled in milliamp hours or mAh, clues us in to how much charge the battery can hold. What this means for you is the larger the capacity of the […]

The Best Rechargeable Flashlights in 2020 from Nitecore

What makes the best rechargeable flashlights? Charge speed is an important factor to consider. Faster speeds means less down time for your rechargeable flashlights Rechargeable flashlights without integrated batteries tend to offer multiple power options and allow you more flexibility. The best rechargeable flashlight is going to keep power discharge to a minimum, so it […]

The Best EDC Flashlights in 2020 from NITECORE

What makes the best EDC Flashlight? If your light is to big or small, it wont be the first one you reach for. Make sure your light fits comfortably in your hand. Make sure your EDC flashlight can cover a wide range of illumination needs, you never know what can happen in a day. Simple […]

Long Throw Flashlights: The Science Behind Throw Distance

Key Takeaways for The Best Long Throw Flashlights: The shape, size, and texture of the reflector have an impact on the throw. LED technology has helped tremendously with increasing a flashlight’s throw. The shaping and patterns of the lens help with the distribution of light. You might need a thrower for Law Enforcement, Search and […]

Rain, Sleet, Snow and What Your Flashlight’s Waterproof Rating Means

Key Takeaways for a Waterproof Flashlight: Waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellent are not synonymous, they all have different meanings. The Ingress Protection Standards is how you will know what protection your flashlight has. The first IP number is for solids protection and the second is for liquids protection. If it has a rating like IPX8, that […]

Lumens, candelas and lux: How flashlight brightness is measured

Key Takeaways About Flashlight Brightness Lumens are the measurement of the total energy output from a source of light. Candelas measure how intense or focused a light output is. A lux is a proportional measurement that calculates the amount of light on a particular surface. Watts is a measurement of the power consumed by a […]

Find the Best Type of Flashlight, Headlamp, or Lantern for Any Task

Key Takeaways on Finding the Best Flashlight There are 5 basic groups for handheld flashlights. Headlamps are a great option when you need your hands free. Lanterns offer a soft diffused light and great for sharing light with others. Finding the best flashlight depends on your situation and your needs. The Best Flashlight, Headlamp, and […]

Finding Your Preferred Flashlight User Interface

Picking The Best Flashlight Switch Tail switch flashlights are great for overhand grip or cigar grip. Twist switches allow you to cycle through the brightness modes by tightening or loosening the bezel. Side switches allow for your thumb to easily control the flashlight in a regular grip. For more versatility, a flashlight with both a […]

Built-in vs Removable Batteries: Which is Better for Your Flashlight?

Key Takeaways for Built-in or Removable Batteries Choosing a light with removable batteries means deciding which batteries you want to use. Battery discharge rate is important and you want to pay attention any special requirements. There now USB rechargeable Li-ion removeable batteries. If you want something familiar, you can go with AA or AAA battery […]