Monday, July 16, 2018

1 More Reason to Love the NITECORE Concept 2

Taking a look at the specification chart of the NITECORE Concept 2, the first thing to jump out is the impressive Turbo mode output. At 6500 lumens, this is the brightest flashlight currently in the NITECORE lineup and worth picking up for the Turbo mode alone. But a deeper look at the specs reveals an even bigger reason why you might want to consider adding the Concept 2 to your gear set up.

Extended Runtimes on the NITECORE Concept 2 Flashlight

While 6500 lumens is fun, and certainly has times when it’s useful, the reality is the Turbo output is designed for short duration bursts and not for running hours on end. Even then, the ability to run for 30 minutes on Turbo is impressive. However, where the Concept 2 really, ahem, shines is the runtime you get on the lower modes. 

You see, in order to support such a bright Turbo output, the Concept 2 uses a built-in li-ion battery pack equivalent to four (4) high drain 3100mAh li-ion batteries. The result is a vastly superior runtime when compared to similar outputs on a single 18650 flashlight. For example, most single 18650 flashlights like the NITECORE MH12GT are rated for ~1 hour at 1000 lumens. The larger battery power inside the Concept 2 pushes the runtime on 1000 lumens to 6 hours and 30 minutes. 

The battery power behind the Concept 2 becomes even more clear as you decrease the brightness. For walking, reading and up close tasks, you’ll most likely find the Low mode (285 lumens) is plenty of light. At this level, the Concept 2 is rated for up to 16 hours of runtime on a full charge. That’s equivalent to full work days without needing to charge. 

When you get to the lowest output on the Concept 2, ultralow (1 lumen), the runtime shoots all the way up to 2000 hours or 83 days. While you’re probably going to need brighter modes from time to time, ultralow is incredibly popular for night reading and situations where you don’t want to disturb your night vision. (For comparison, the MH12GT is rated for 300 hours at 1 lumen.)

And the best part is, the Concept 2 maintains a sleek, compact body that’s a little bit smaller than a soda can. That makes it easy to carry this flashlight wherever you travels take you.

So if you’re looking at the Concept 2 and wondering just how practical a 6500 lumen flashlight really is, the answer is surprisingly practical! Not only do you have the luxury of the intensely bright Turbo mode, but for more frequent usages the Concept 2’s runtimes can’t be beat.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Need the NITECORE LC10

New in our store this week is the NITECORE LC10 magnetic USB charger and folks, this charger is a dream for back country camping. Taking up practically no space in your bag or easily carried in a pocket, this charger makes up for its small size with a TON of functionality. Here are 3 reasons why you NEED to add this to your gear.

Reason #1: Charge nearly ALL li-ion/IMR batteries

Thanks to magnetic charging nodes rather than a fixed-size bay, the LC10 can handle any size cylindrical li-ion battery you throw its way. It doesn't matter if you're carrying popular batteries sizes like 18650, 16340 and 14500 or something more elusive, this charger will work.

Compatible with USB devices, the LC10 can be used with laptops, solar panels, power banks and AC adapters to charge your batteries quickly and safely.

Reason #2: Pair with a battery to charge mobile devices

For back country exploration, the LC10 can be turned into a power bank by pairing it with a charged battery to power micro-USB and Apple devices.

If you're using a solar panel, this means you can charge your batteries by day and other devices at night for extra long excursions.

Reason #3: Built-in reading light

NITECORE added as much utility as they could with the LC10, and the addition of a backup reading light knocks this charger out of the park. Tap the sensor switch on the back of the charging indicator and access 3 brightness levels up to 10 lumens -- that's plenty for reading in the tent or emergencies.

Want one? Pick up the LC10 for only $19.95.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

NITECORE Concept 2 in Action - Check out this 6500 lumen Flashlight BEAST!

We first saw this flashlight in January at Shot Show and have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Well, today is the day!! Order your Concept 2 on

Brightest Flashlight from NITECORE

At 6500 lumens maximum output, the Concept 2 takes the cake for brightest flashlight in NITECORE's line up. The power of four CREE XHP35 HD LEDs combine for a peak beam intensity rated at 39,7000 cd and 435 yard throw capability. Simply put, the Concept 2 has a wide, cone-like beam that's perfect for lighting up large spaces with ease. We found this light to be a great choice for boating, camping, fishing, mountaineering and other outdoor sports.

On a full charge, you can run Turbo for up to 30 minutes which is luxurious when you realize you only really need Turbo for short bursts. When we took it out for a test, we found Mid (1000 lumens) to be more than adequate for most situations and often dropped down to Low (285 lumens) when doing up close tasks.

Compact Body for Easy Carry

If the sheer power of the Concept 2 wasn't enough, let's talk about size. The Concept 2 is amazingly compact when you compared to other lights of this class. The official dimensions are L-4.42"xW-1.57"xH-1.57", but we know what you really care about is how comfortable it is to carry the Concept 2. 

While we wouldn't consider the Concept 2 to be a true everyday carry, the truth is it fits comfortably in the pocket of a pair of cargo shorts and remained comfortable when clipped to a belt. A deep pocket clip helps secure the light, and the holster is compatible with 2" belts.

Built-in Li-ion Battery & Charging

The Concept 2 includes everything you need to power and charge the flashlight right out of the box. A built-in 12400mAh li-ion battery is equivalent to 4x 3100mAh high drain 18650 batteries which gives an incredible run time of up to 2000 hours on Ultralow. 

The Concept 2 also includes 12v AC adapter to quickly charge the flashlight. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge, and an indicator light under the control switch lets you know when it is finished. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Get to know the NITECORE Lantern Series

The NITECORE Lantern series has been growing lately with the addition of the LR12 and LA30. With a focus on compact, high performance 360° lighting you can that won't weigh you down, our LED lanterns are perfect for camping, emergencies, auto repair and household chores. With so many choices, we're breaking down why you should add a NITECORE lantern to your gear and highlight our favorites in the series.

Three Advantages of NITECORE Lanterns

  1. Portability -- NITECORE lanterns are small. Really small. Compared to a standard propane lantern, these lanterns are practically non-existent which means you can take them everywhere. Camping, fishing, boating, hiking, caving -- you name it. All of our lanterns fit nicely in your pocket or gear pack for lighting anytime, any place.
  2. Durability -- Constructed from highly durable polycarbonate materials, NITECORE lanterns are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. No glass parts to worry about breaking here.
  3. Output -- NITECORE lanterns take you to the edge of LED lighting technology to deliver some of the brightest outputs on the market to easily outshine traditional lanterns.   

NITECORE Tube Lanterns

135 Lumens | CREE XP-G2 S3 LED | 1x AA  

The award-winning NITECORE LA10 is the lantern that started it all. Featuring a lipstick-tube design, the LA10 has a retractable diffusor to collapse down to a super compact 3.08"x0.89" size for travel. Three brightness levels with a maximum output of 135 lumens makes the LA10 ideal for tent lighting and other small spaces. A magnetic tail cap and lanyard give plenty of ways to position and secure the LA10. 


1000 Lumens | CREE XP-L HD V6 LED | 1x 18650

The 18650 follow up to the LA10, the NITECORE LR12 is a 2-in-1 flashlight lantern with a maximum output of 1000 lumens! Using a similar lipstick body design as the LA10, the LR12 has an open top diffusor that instantly converts the lantern into a traditional handheld flashlight with a twist.

This brighter, larger version is ideal for someone looking for a little more power or runtime over the LA10.


NITECORE Rechargeable Lanterns

250 Lumens | Built-in Charging | Compact

Slim and powerful, the NITECORE LR10 is a 250 lumen, rechargeable lantern you won't want to put down. Available in four stylish colors, this simple to use lantern has 3 brightness levels and 3 special modes to get the right light for the task. Measuring 2.58"x1.97"x0.98" and weighing just a hair over 2.08oz so you won't have to sacrifice space for performance.

A built-in 1200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery provides up to 38 hours of run time.


250 Lumens White | 40 Lumens Red | Bi-Fuel

The NITECORE LA30 is the LR10's big brother and gives you the choice between a built-in rechargeable battery or providing your own set of 2x AA batteries for alternate backup power. With up to 250 lumens of white output and a secondary 40 lumen red output, the LA30 can handle lighting tasks big and small. You can even use the strong magnetic base or metal hanging loop to position and hold the lantern.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The NITECORE TIP and TINI Go Copper with New Cu Editions

Add some style to your everyday carry gear with new copper editions of the NITECORE TIP and TINI keychain flashlights. The anodized aluminum of the original editions have been swapped for a gorgeous, shiny copper body that will develop a unique patina over time.

Why Copper Flashlights?

1. Antimicrobial properties - Copper, brass, and bronze have long been known for their antimicrobial properties. If you're frequently tackling a dirty job, consider the Cu edition for its natural germ fighting resistance.

2. Denser construction - Because copper is denser than aluminum, these editions will feel hefty in your hand without adding too much extra weight.

3. Patina over time - Probably our favorite reason for picking up one of these beauties, the copper body will develop its own patina over time to reveal a story of your everyday travels.

You can pick up the NITECORE TIP Cu for $36.95 or the TINI Cu for $31.95.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why an Infinite Brightness Flashlight is a Must Have in Your Gear

Do you wish your flashlight had more output levels? Or maybe different ones? The truth is no matter how thoughtful a design, a flashlight with predetermined levels will never work for every single user.

The new infinite brightness rotary switch on the NITECORE P26, EC22 and MT22C solve this problem by giving you infinite brightness possibilities for full control over your flashlight.

Our flashlight expert Albert walks you through this infinitely useful feature and helps you choose which of these flashlights is right for you.


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