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50 Things You Can Do with a Headlamp

Headlamps are widely used by people for hiking, cave dwelling, and in the field of construction, however there are many applications that headlamps can be used for that you probably haven't ever imagined. 

Below is a list of the top 50 things a headlamp can be used for:

  1. Canyoning - All the nooks and crannies will be visible if you take a waterproof headlamp with you. Hands-free functionality makes the headlamp the best type of flashlight to bring with you when canyoning.
  2. Diving - A black light headlamp can help make colors pop in a coral reef. A standard diving headlamp can improve the visibility and distance you can see while underwater. 
  3. Hiking - If you are from a hot climate, the time of day is a major factor when determining when to hike. For people trying to avoid getting sunburned or the heat, the morning and evening are the preferred times of day to explore the outdoors. During the low light hours a headlamp can come in handy, especially if you are already tired. Using a headlamp is relatively effortless compared to holding a flashlight, so be practical and bring a headlamp. 
  4. Running - The biomechanics of a runner’s gate requires a natural arm swing motion. This motion can cause a runner to succumb to fatigue if they are holding something in their hands. A headlamp provides a runner hands-free use.
  5. Spelunking - A headlamp is mandatory for a cave explorer. Of all the hobbies and activities that could benefit from using a handlamp, spelunking is probably #1 for most useful tool. Many cave explorers are also climbers, which requires two hands. Good luck climbing a wall with one hand while holding a flashlight in the other.  
  6. Night Fishing - Some fish are attracted to light. The headlamp is an effortless tool to help fish discover your bait. 
  7. Ice Fishing - Same as night fishing, however the headlamp throw will be concentrated on the hole in the ice. This light source will attract fish to your bait to help catch the big one. 
  8. Book Reading - Turn on the redlight to reduce eye strain and to prevent delaying phases of your circadian rhythm that allows you to fall asleep when your headlamp is no longer on?
  9. Power Outage - When the lights are off and they can’t be turned back on, you will need to rely on alternative light sources like candles, fire, or flashlights. Using a headlamp allows you to do all the chores you normally hate doing without having to hold something in your hands while doing them. 
  10. Ziplining - While I don’t advise you to zipline at night, I can imagine that would be the perfect opportunity to choose a headlamp over another type of flashlight just because you might drop a flashlight.  
  11. Mountaineering- Some extreme climbing routes require camping on the cliff-face. For these types of people who live on the edge, a headlamp is a must have item since even two hands free often isn’t enough. 
  12. Tree Climbing - Some jobs require climbing to the top of a tree to cut it down safely. For these individuals, a headlamp can provide the visibility necessary to make the right cuts at the right angles. This can increase productivity and logs felled.  
  13. Jungle Deforestation - If you are making your own path through a jungle, it helps to have both hands. Clearing a path is difficult enough without having to also hold a flashlight. Improve your accuracy and efficiency by using a headlamp. 
  14. Lumberjacking - It's very hard to chop a tree down with one hand. Give yourself two hands and put on a headlamp during those times of day when you can’t see as well.  
  15. Camping - If you leave the vicinity of your campfire to go to the bathroom, to take a break from the incessant talking between your friends or family, or to find that one thing that you left in the tent, a headlamp can be extremely helpful in keeping you sane. 
  16. Electric Work - Feeding cables through spaces that don’t see the light of day? Use a headlamp to avoid electrocuting yourself trying to do too many things at once. 
  17. Auto - Ever try to unscrew a bolt with one hand? Fixing your car is much easier with two hands and if you don’t have a work light to shine in those tight spaces, you should try using a headlamp; you won’t regret it. 
  18. Mountain Biking - You might find yourself beginning or ending your day in low light conditions. A headlamp in tandem with a bike light can greatly improve levels of safety by allowing you to see all the hazards on the trail. The bike light is fixed to the bike, however the headlamp provides you with a much wider and dynamic first person angle that follows where your attention is concentrating. . 
  19. Rock Climbing - I do not recommend climbing a cliff when you cannot see your holds, however if you did climb at night, you will need a headlamp. Full stop.
  20. Bushwhacking - Traveling through the jungle can be very dangerous. The plants are poisonous, the animals and insects are poisonous, and  
  21. Dog Walking - Maybe you like to take a stroll down the neighborhood street with your dog. Having a headlamp will give you two hands to pull on the leash when Fido picks a fight with your neighbor’s dog. 
  22. Plumbing - Who needs a partner when you have a headlamp?
  23. Sewing - There are often different brightness levels that will give you the perfect setting when sewing together a homemade quilt. Try red light mode if you like sewing late at night so you can hit the hay right after the patchwork has been finished. 
  24. Taking out the garbage - Do you dump your trash off in a dark alleyway? Strap on a headlamp to see whatever dangers await you on the way to the dumpster. 
  25. Backpacking - Are you on an expedition through tough terrain at all times of day? The headlamp will eventually come in handy. Try not to point the light right in people’s face to avoid angering people passing by you. 
  26. Kiteboarding - It is not advisable to kiteboard at night, however a headlamp would help guide you to your destination. 
  27. Sailboarding - Same with kiteboarding, you probably shouldn’t do it, but it would help if you did have a headlamp. 
  28. Gardening - For those that don’t have time to work on your garden during the day
  29. Environmental Protest - Are you chaining yourself to a tree or saving articles of land from deforestation? Better have a headlamp just in case. 
  30. Rioting - Can you not see well because of all the tear gas and smoke clouds? You will be a beacon of light for all nearby vigilantes who can’t see where they are going. Without you and your headlamp, you will be lost. 
  31. Raving - Nothing says rave like a headlamp on strobe. Dazzle your dance partners with a light show. 
  32. Looting - Raiding a store late at night is hard to do without a trusty headlamp to help you figure out what you have already stolen and what you should plan on stealing when taking things that don’t belong to you off store shelves. 
  33. Hunting - There are many opportunities to take advantage of all the settings that some headlamps come with like red light or flood vs spotlight. Some colored lights aren’t as noticeable by animals and some 
  34. Kayaking - Put your headlamp on beacon mode so people following behind or in front can locate you. 
  35. Searching for Lost Belongings - Flashlights in general can help find things where you last expected them to be, headlamps are no different. 
  36. Beacon - Beacon is a setting common on some headlamps. This setting blinks the headlamp continuously to conserve battery and communicates your location to people nearby without requiring making noise. 
  37. SOS - This setting is useful in emergencies. The programmed SOS signal communicates that you need help immediately without you having to produce the SOS signal yourself. 
  38. Self-defense - A headlamp could be used during self-defense to blind your assailant. A bright light in their face will give you an advantage. Take this opportunity to strike when they least expect it. 
  39. Drinking Coffee - If you wake up early, you might want to use a headlamp to help make your coffee. 
  40. Writing Poetry - Certain colors are thought to evoke different states of mind. Use a green light if you want to think creatively. 
  41. Reading the newspaper - What better angle for light to hit the newspaper than directly headon. Use a headlamp to reach the ultimate lighting solution for newspaper reading. 
  42. Grilling - Do you have a poorly lit back porch where you grill? You could really benefit from using a headlamp to toggle on and off when returning to your grill to flip the steaks.   
  43. Playing street music - Can you not see your sheet music when playing at night when performing on the street. Get a headlamp to help you see what note to play next. 
  44. Sand sculpting - Did you wake up early to start making sand sculptures down by the beach? Well you better bring a headlamp next time because it’s way easier to see with a headlamp. 
  45. Staring contest - Ever won a staring contest against someone with a headlamp? Exactly!
  46. In Space - A head mounted flashlight is an essential tool while spacewalking. 
  47. Feeding Ducks - The headlamp will attract the ducks and so will the bread. Use them together to create a feeding frenzy at your local park. 
  48. Tunneling - If you ever need to dig a tunnel for some reason, know that you would be better off using a headlamp. 
  49. Making Sandwiches - Ever tried to make a sandwich in the dark? Take my advice and use a headlamp. 
  50. Gold Panning - identifying gold flakes while panning for gold can be a time consuming and difficult process. Glints of light reflect off the precious metal letting you know you’ve struck gold. If the day is particularly cloudy or maybe the time of day is early morning or dusk, then the gold won’t be as easy to discover. Use a headlamp when panning for gold to help during these low light conditions.


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