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Take a Tour of NITECORE’s NTP Tactical Pens

We all know there are certain essentials you would never leave the house without — phone, keys, wallet, flashlight and of course, a pen. Whether you’re a CEO or outdoor wanderer, NITECORE tactical pens keep you ready and writing in any situation. With four sleek and reliable models to choose from, there’s a pen for every budget and style.

Why choose a NITECORE Tactical Pen?

Write in Any Weather

NITECORE tactical pens use a refillable, quick-drying ink that is smudge and waterproof. Upside down, in a car or under water, our pens can write anywhere.

The NTP10 is compatible with Fisher Space Pen pressurized refills while the NTP20, NTP21 and NTP30 are compatible with Schneider Gelion 39 ballpoint pen refills. Both refills can be found easily worldwide.

Tungsten Glass Breaker Tip

For emergencies and security, NITECORE tactical pens come equipped with a tungsten steel tip for glass breaking and self-defense.

Lightweight & Durable

With the exception of the NTP21, our tactical pens are constructed from durable TC4 titanium alloy which is corrosion- and scratch-resistant. The NTP21 offers a lighter weight alternative to the NTP20 with its aluminum body that’s still ready to withstand daily use.

Ready for EDC

Never hunt for a writing tool again. A tight, fixed pocket clip keeps your tactical pen secure in your coat or bag for everyday carry.

Whichever tactical pen you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality writing tool you’ll never want to put down.

Compare NITECORE Tactical Pens

Model Body Material Bezel Material Length Weight Ink Refill
NTP10 TC4 titanium alloy Tungsten steel 4.25” 0.64 oz Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill
NTP20 TC4 titanium alloy Tungsten steel 5.59” 1.33 oz Schneider Gelion 39 ballpoint pen refill
NTP21 Aluminum Tungsten steel 5.9” 0.9 oz Schneider Gelion 39 ballpoint pen refill
NTP30 TC4 titanium alloy Tungsten steel 5.2” 0.95 oz Schneider Gelion 39 ballpoint pen refill
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