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Emergency Situation Flashlights

Emergency Flashlight

Key Takeaways:

  • During a power outage, a lantern will provide the best light.
  • A super bright flashlight increases chances of survival if you are lost in the woods.
  • The unexpected happens, a waterproof flashlight is a great way to stay prepared.
  • EDC flashlights just make everyday life much easier.

We've All Been There

Recently here in Texas, we had some really freezing weather that we were not prepared for. This led to a lot of Texans losing power and water. It was the darkest of times for many, but not me. I, being the flashlight lover that I am, was prepared for this situation. I had many lanterns to provide light at times that I didn’t want to use candles for safety reasons.

Often times many people are put in unexpected situations like this one. That's why preparing ahead of time and securing the correct emergency situation flashlight could really be a lifesaver.

Lanterns Shine In Dark Times

Power outages are almost always unexpected, and they are wildly inconvenient. Of course, you can light some candles but even the CDC recommends using battery-powered lights instead of candles in order to ensure safety. With that, you might be thinking “am I going to use my P30i?”. You can, but you want something that's going to diffuse light and spread it amongst an entire room. Something much like a lantern. I used the Nitecore LR50 and it was able to illuminate almost the entirety of any room that I went into. A lantern like this is a great choice when needing hands-free light in order to perform usual daily tasks at home.

emergency flashlight

Being Lost Requires A Super Bright Flashlight

Being stranded in the woods is something that probably happens a bit less often. Many might consider getting lost in the woods to be a rare situation but in actuality, people die from being lost in the woods every day. According to Survival Dispatch on average 13 people find themselves lost in the woods every day at Yosemite National Forest Alone.

Being stranded in the woods is no joke and is very dangerous. There are many things that can definitely help you if you are in this situation, a major one being a long throw and bright flashlight. A lot of Nitecore’s flashlights come with features like SOS and Beacon. This is great if you need someone to come and find you. Not only will it help illuminate the darkness but it helps you flag down potential help.

Waterproof Flashlights Are Most Reliable

Sometimes you're on a hike or camping and out of nowhere, it starts pouring down. Or maybe like me, you enjoy a nice good run in the rain, even at night. Of course, you have a raincoat on but is your flashlight waterproof? I take my MT10C with me everywhere I go because no matter the weather, it’ll work perfectly. And the last thing you want, while it's dark and rainy, is for your flashlight to break. Doing anything in the rain can be pretty dangerous, but then adding in darkness takes that up notch. So eliminating the darkness with a nice waterproof light really helps make the situation a lot safer.

EDC Flashlights Make Life Easier

Okay, we have all been there, you stand up from the couch for a good stretch, and somehow someway, your chapsticks/keys/etc falls out of your pocket and rolls into the abyss underneath the couch. It's not a foreign experience, either that or in between the car seats. It’s a real pain to reach under there without knowing what exactly you’ll pull back out. Great everyday carry flashlights like an MH11 are great tools to keep on you in times like these. They aren’t ridiculously bright to where it flushes everything out but they are for sure bright enough to illuminate everything you need to see.

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