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Rounding up the best EDC flashlights of 2019

best edc flashlights 2019

With Fall in the air, we thought we’d take a minute and look back at some of our favorite new releases and classic flashlights to bring you a list of the very best EDC flashlights from NITECORE in 2019. 

Before we dive in though, you might be wondering….

What is an EDC flashlight?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry and refers to items that are essential for your daily survival. For many of us, a flashlight is one of the most essential tools and wouldn’t dream of leaving home with one.

In general, the primary distinguishing feature of an EDC flashlight is the size. These flashlights tend to be smaller in size with the vast majority of what is considered an everyday carry flashlight fitting comfortably in a pocket. Fortunately these days, smaller sized flashlights still pack plenty of punch and can be useful for everything from reading to self-defense. Those are just a few prerequisites to be considered an “EDC flashlight”. Other features to look out for include:

  • Built-in charging
  • Direct access to Turbo or Ultralow
  • Strobe mode for self-defense
  • Pocket clip for carrying
  • Tactical-style tail cap control switch

If you’re just getting into the EDC world, rest assured we have an entire guide dedicated to helping you pick out the very best edc flashlight for you.

How much does an EDC flashlight cost?

Adding a flashlight to your everyday carry doesn’t have to break the bank! Most flashlights in this category start around $30 and can range up to $100 for some of the brighter and full-featured lights. 

“But I have a cell phone flashlight!” you say. Learn why having a dedicated flashlight is worth the investment here.

Top 5 NITECORE EDC flashlights

So what’s the best EDC flashlight in 2019? We’ve hand-selected the five best flashlights in the NITECORE line for everyday carry. Add any of these flashlights to your gear and experience the difference a NITECORE flashlight makes.

Best-Selling EDC flashlight: NITECORE TIP2

This year’s upgrade to the TIP added in a magnetic tail cap and doubled the output to a super impressive 720 lumens on Turbo to make the TIP2 an instant EDC favorite. Whether you carry it on your keychain or use the removable clip for pocket carry, you don’t want to leave home without this flashlight.

TIP2 Key Specifications

Maximum Brightness 720 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 101 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 2160 cd
IP Rating IP67
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-2.46″xW-1.06″xH-0.53″
Weight 1.35oz

All-Inclusive EDC flashlight: NITECORE NM01

Don’t want to hassle with sourcing batteries? The NITECORE NM01’s built-in rechargeable battery will be right up your alley. Don’t let the entry-level price of this flashlight fool you. Slim and palm-sized, the NM01’s 1000 lumen output is ready to impress.

NM01 Key Specifications

Maximum Brightness 1000 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 195 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 8000 cd
IP Rating IPX8, 2m
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-4.67″xW-0.94″xH-0.94″
Weight 3.49oz

Smallest EDC flashlight: NITECORE TINI

It might weigh less than half an ounce, but don’t let the small stature of this keychain flashlight fool you. The NITECORE TINI emits up to 380 lumens of light on the highest settings and comes in several different colors and finishes to match any style.

TINI Key Specifications

Maximum Brightness 380 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 70 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 1020 cd
IP Rating IP54
Impact Resistance 1.5 m
Dimensions L-1.7″xW-1″xH-0.45″
Weight 0.47 oz

Brightest EDC flashlight: NITECORE MH23

At 1800 lumens bright on Turbo, you’d be hard pressed to find a similar-sized flashlight that can compete with the NITECORE MH23. This pocket-sized, rechargeable flashlight offers direct access to Turbo and Ultralow modes, making it a top choice for everyday carry.

MH23 Key Specifications

Maximum Brightness 1800 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 322 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 21,600 cd
IP Rating IPX8, 2m
Impact Resistance 1.5 m
Dimensions L-4.38″xD-1.25″
Weight 3.39 oz

Most Innovative EDC flashlight: NITECORE TUP

What do you get when you combine with features of a fancy, luxury flashlight with the small size NITECORE has become famous for? The NITECORE TUP! Enjoy a powerful, 1000 lumen bright output and an easy to read OLED display that tells you exactly what’s going on with your flashlight at any time.

TUP Key Specifications

Maximum Brightness 1000 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 197 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 8130 cd
IP Rating IP54
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-2.76″xW-1.16″xH-1.16″
Weight 1.87 oz

What do you think?

Are these the very best EDC flashlights NITECORE has to offer? Do you have a different flashlight in your pocket? Is there a better flashlight out there? We want to know your thoughts on everything everyday carry. Tell us in the comments below!

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