The Best EDC Flashlights in 2020 from NITECORE

best edc flashlights in 2020

Small, bright, and by your side. Keeping a flashlight by your side is one of the easiest and more important ways to stay prepared. Whether you’re carrying for work or backup, there’s a NITECORE flashlight to suit your style. Today we’re counting down the top 5 EDC flashlights from NITECORE in 2020. Will your favorite light be on our list?

nitecore tup edc flashlight


Even though the TUP has been out for over a year now, it still remains one of the best choices for everyday carry for a lot of reasons. The palm-sized body with a sturdy metal clip make the TUP ideal for pocket carry and the 1000 lumen output is one of the brightest around for a light this small. What really sets apart the TUP is the digital OLED display that tells you not only what output mode you’re in but also keeps you informed of the remaining battery power so you always know exactly what’s going on with your light.

nitecore tiki edc flashlight


One of the newest releases from NITECORE, the TIKI is a featherweight, rechargeable keychain flashlight that comes in two varieties – the TIKI and TIKI LE. Whichever model you choose, you’ll get a bright, 300 lumen output that’s perfect for giving a boost of light to your daily tasks. In addition to the white output, the TIKI has secondary UV and high CRI outputs while the LE has red and blue LEDs.

nitecore tip2 edc flashlight


This upgrade to the popular TIP proves that even the best products can get better. The TIP2 takes the output from 360 lumens to 720 lumens and adds a magnetic, quick-release tail cap to protect the USB charging port and make removing the TIP2 from your keychain a breeze. Best of all, the TIP2 is still the same, thumb-sized footprint that makes this flashlight a favorite among EDC’ers.

nitecore nm01 everyday carry flashlight


If you’re looking to carry something more along the lines of a traditional flashlight, the NITECORE NM01 is a budget-friendly, compact, and rechargeable option built with EDC in mind. A 1000 lumen output is controlled by a single rear-tail switch that’s extremely user-friendly. And unlike other flashlights of this size, the NM01 uses an internal li-ion battery that eliminates the hassle of sourcing batteries. Just charge and go.

nitecore e4k edc flashlight


Topping our list is the NITECORE E4K and for good reason. At 4400 lumens bright, it’s one of the brightest EDC flashlights of its size around. Measuring 4.62” long and with a removable pocket clip, holster, and lanyard included, this flashlight is about as EDC-friendly as it gets.

The E4K is powered by a next generation, 21700-size, high performance li-ion battery that enables the ultra bright output and gives you up to 700 hours of runtime on the lowest setting. Included in the packaging is a USB-C rechargeable battery so charging is as easy as plugging the included cable into your preferred power source. If power, portability, and ease-of-use is what you’re looking for, the E4K has it all.

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