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Nitecore Bike Light Lineup

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Key Takeaways:

  • Bike lights are for the safety of you and everyone you share the road/trail with.
  • The BR25 has a diffuse reflection design that cuts the beam above eye level.
  • The BR35 is an impressively bright light with dual beams for both near and far illumination.
  • Turn the HU60 headlamp into a bike light with the HU60 bike mount.
  • Turn any flashlight with a 1" tube into a bike light with Nitecore's Bike Mount.

Bicycle Lights

As you know from our blog Choosing a Bicycle Light, then you understand that bicycle lights are required by law in many states, including Texas. On top of that, bike lights help keep you safe in many ways, not only does it illuminate your path, but it also lets others on the road or trail see where you are also.

We understand that choosing the right bike mount can potentially be a headache. Ultimately you want a reliable light that is durable and bound to keep you safe anytime you get on your bike. This is why Nitecore has designed bicycle lights for offroad, commuting, and urban bicycling. Our bicycle lights will keep you safe while riding at night.

BR25 Bike Light

The BR25 is an ultra-light bicycle light that can easily double as a handheld flashlight. It has a uniquely designed reflector shape that cuts the beam above the eye level which avoids blinding the pedestrians and oncoming drivers or riders.

The BR25 is rated IP68 waterproof and is made from durable impact resistant aluminum. It comes with a 5000mAh 21700 USB-C rechargeable lithium battery. It also comes with a universal bike mount that is also compatible with the BR35. The BR25 is a well-rounded premium bike light that is perfect for any biking situation that you would need it in.

BR35 Bike Light

The BR35 bike light is an impressively bright light with dual distance beams that allow for both near and far illumination. It also has an OLED screen that displays current mode, brightness levels, remaining runtime, and battery power.

The BR35 is rated IPX7 waterproof and is made from durable impact-resistant aluminum. It has a built-in 6800mAh lithium battery and is micro-USB rechargeable. The BR35s 6800mAh battery can provide users with up to 17 hours of runtime.

HU60 Headlamp with HU60 Bike Mount

The Nitecore HU60 is a 1600 lumen focusable headlamp, but with the HU60 Bike Mount, you can easily transform this headlamp into a powerfully bright bike light!

The HU60 has an IP67 waterproof rating. The HU60 is a focusable floodlight and spotlight, you can switch between 100% spotlight or 100% floodlight depending on your need. The HU60 can be powered by an external USB power source with at least a 2A output.

Bike Mount for 1" Flashlights

With the Nitecore Bike Mount, you can turn any of your favorite flashlights with a 1 in tube diameter into a bike light. This bike mount is able to fit on handlebars of different sizes and has quick and easy mounting that requires no tools.

This means you can take some of your favorite flashlights like the i4000R, MH11, MH12S, and others, and make them a bike light to illuminate your ride!

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