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Hunting Flashlight Guide: Tracking, Special LEDs, & Waiting

hunting flashlight

Key takeaways:

  • A compact, floody pocket light is excellent for tracking purposes.
  • Nitecore provides an excellent selection of specialized LED flashlights for hunting.
  • 99% of hunting is the waiting game, get the most of out it with a lantern power bank.

Nitecore for Hunting Flashlights

Hunting flashlights do not always have to be big, high powered long throw flashlights. Not every hunter stalks the same prey, so why not have different tools for separate occasions? Some animals are easily frightened and scared off by bright lights. While some may behave in ways one would consider rather unintuitive, like the proverbial “deer in the headlights”. Further still, there are mixed reports and accounts on some game being completely imperceptible of certain hues of light. All good hunters know not to be rash and patiently wait for the right opportunity. Why not apply the same mentality to the flashlights used in this age old craft.

hunting flashlight

Tracking Flashlight

There are a particular breed of hunters who are die hard traditionalists. Blinds? Feed lots? Where is the sport in that? They believe in an honest engagement between themselves and their quarry. These hunters cherish the thrill of the stalk and are masters of the lay of the land.

When it comes to checking for footprints, droppings, bedding areas, disturbed fauna, the list goes on – one needs a compact, floody beam that lets you easily survey the ground for potential clues. In addition this carry flashlight must be lightweight and compact so as to not burden you with unnecessary weight. Silent operation is also key, for why go through the painstaking task of meticulous tracking when a single moment of carelessness can alert the game.
hunting flashlight

MH12S Tracking and Utility Flashlight

The MH12S has all of the qualities of a great tracking and utility flashlight. A silent tactile tail switch. Mode memory so you can set it to a low to mid brightness mode, as to not startle anything nearby. Plenty of brightness settings to choose from. It is slim and compact so you can easily carry it unburdened. It is the perfect no nonsense flashlight that can do everything without holding the user back. However it is not the most highly specialized flashlight.
hunting flashlight


Color, IR, UV Flashlights

Now if you hunt a very specific niche and require even more specialized equipment. Nitecore has got you covered the flashlights. Some wavelengths of light are imperceptible to certain animals. Some animals leave droppings that are reactive to UV light. How about a high powered IR flashlight to go with your thermal scope. Nitecore has the answers.
hunting flashlight


MH27UV UV Flashlight for Tracking

Specific game birds can be identified by markings that are reactive to UV lights. Of course, some animals also leave urine that is reactive to UV light as well. For these occasions the Nitecore MH27UV is a powerful 1000 lumen flashlight that comes with a secondary 500mW UV LED. If you need the power of ultraviolet to help track your wily prey the MH27UV is an excellent choice.
hunting flashlight

New P30 Hunting Kit

The NITECORE NEW P30 is the ultimate long throw flashlight great for hunting or search and rescue. The NEW P30 comes with a 1000 lumen beam that can reach up to 675 yards of throw. The New P30 hunting kit is one of the most popular flashlight kits from Nitecore with everything you need for you next successful hunt.
hunting flashlight


CI7 Infrared Flashlight for Thermal Vision

Push your thermal vision to the next level with a flashlight that can output a powerful IR beam. The Nitecore CI7 is a 2500 lumen max flashlight that is capable of up to 305 yards of beam throw. But the secret weapon of the CI7 is 4x 7000mW 365nm infrared LEDs that will light up the viewfinder on a thermal scope like christmas.
hunting flashlight

99% of Hunting is Waiting

Too often the sport of hunting is overly romanticized. The rewards and the spoils come only at the very end of a successful hunt and those are not always guaranteed. The vast majority of the time is spent patiently waiting, or let’s be honest restlessly. However, these moments afford us a moment to take a step back and silently enjoy the natural surroundings. These lapses of meditative serenity can be further enhanced with a useful lantern power bank combo.
hunting flashlight

LR60 Lantern Power Bank for Base Camp

The Nitecore LR60 is an omnidirectional high CRI lantern that provides lighting in any direction you want. It comes with a magnetic base that can secure to metal surfaces, or a metal loop to be hung like a makeshift light. The LR60 has a USB-A output slot so it can work double duty in your campsite as an emergency power bank. This has become a staple for my outdoor gear selection.
hunting flashlight

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