Five Flashlights That Weigh Under 5 Ounces (Including Batteries!)

Is your backpacking gear weighing you down? We don’t need to tell you that carrying unnecessary weight isn’t only a nuisance but can be the difference between a successful trip and breaking down along the trail. And when it comes to long distance hikes, every last ounce matters.

Cutting gear weight can be a challenge, even for the seasoned explorers among us so we rounded up 5 of our lightest weighing flashlights to give you some gear options that will keep you prepared for anything.


Brightness: 380 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 70 yds

Battery: Built-in li-ion; USB rechargeable

Why we love it: The NITECORE TINI might be the smallest flashlight on our list, but the 380 lumen output from this keychain flashlight is bright enough to rival some full-size lights. TIR optics give you a smooth beam that won’t cause harsh glare when reading, and instant access to Turbo means you’ll always have a burst of light waiting at your fingertips.


NITECORE TUP (1.87 oz)

Brightness: 1000 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 197 yards

Battery: Built-in li-ion; USB rechargeable

Why we love it: If NITECORE had stopped at making a 1000 lumen flashlight the size of a thumb, we would have been impressed enough. But this flashlight takes it beyond impressive by adding luxury features rarely seen on a pocket flashlight such as the brightly lit OLED display that always lets you know what mode you’re in, and more importantly, how much battery is left.


NITECORE MT10C (2.01 oz / ~2.61 oz including battery)

Brightness: 920 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 207 yds

Battery: 1x IMR18350 or 1x CR123A

Why we love it: Our list includes a few flashlights in the 900-1000 lumen range, but the NITECORE MT10C is the only one that also includes a secondary red light. Why is that important? This low light option can preserve night vision and is less likely to attract unwanted attention from insects and wildlife alike. The MT10C also incorporates a tactical-style tail cap so light is always a button press away.


NITECORE TIP2 (1.35 oz)

Brightness: 720 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 101 yds

Battery: Built-in 500mAh li-ion

Why we love it: This upgrade to the best-selling TIP doubles output to 720 lumens while keeping the same compact footprint the TIP was celebrated for. The TIP2 also includes a new magnetic quick-release tailcap so it’s easy to take it on and off your keys for use or stick it to metal objects for hands-free light!


NITECORE MH20GT (3.13 oz / ~4.73 oz including battery)

Brightness: 1000 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 396 yds

Battery: 1x 18650 or 2x CR123A

Why we love it: One of the biggest limits of smaller flashlights is that throw distances are often underwhelming. The NITECORE MH20GT rethinks what’s possible with its 1000 lumen output rated for up to 396 yards of throw distance. If you need your beam to cover long distances, make sure this rechargeable flashlight is part of your gear.


* Weights including batteries are estimated and for reference only. Actual weight may vary depending on the batteries used.

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