Hunting Flashlight Guide: 3 Tips for Picking the Best Flashlight for the Hunt

If you want to hunt at night, a good tactical flashlight is a must-have. That said, it doesn’t matter if you’re gearing up for your first hunt or a seasoned sportsman, we understand there’s a lot to navigate when picking out a hunting flashlight. The good news is, our following guide breaks down the important things to look for in a good hunting flashlight so you can purchase like a pro!

Best Flashlight Beam Profiles for Hunting

When hunting at night, you’re going to want to look for a beam that is both bright and can throw over distances. This will give you the ideal beam for scanning for eye shine as well as illuminating your target to take a shot all while keeping your distance.

Most of NITECORE flashlights in the 1000 – 1800 lumen output range are rated for distances between 200-300 yards which is plenty of light and throw for most hunts. However, if you’re looking to really cover some ground, consider our longer throwers like the SRT7GT (492 yds), P30 (676 yds) and MH40GTR (1097 yds!)

Best Flashlight Body Style for Hunting

Here is where your personal preference and hunting style will come largely into play. If you’re standing while shooting or just want to maximize your comfort and streamline your weapon’s profile, the smaller and more compact flashlights will be your best friend.

That said, there are times when a larger flashlight like the MT42 or MH40GTR are necessary. If you need to get longer run times or big throw distances, you’ll have to settle for a larger overall footprint. One of our absolute favorite flashlights for hunting, the NITECORE P30, bridges the gap between a standard tactical flashlight and bigger throwers by utilizing a larger bezel while retaining a compact, single-cell body.

Whatever flashlight you pick, good news is all NITECORE flashlights are constructed from lightweight, aero-grade aluminum that gives you the best compromise between strength and weight. Our hunting flashlights also have an IPX8 rating so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

Best Color LEDs for Hunting

Color LEDs and outputs are another area up for debate and personal preference when it comes to hunting flashlights. Some hunters prefer to stick with a cool white or neutral white output while many hog, coyote and other varmint hunters swear by green or red lights.

What does red or green do, you’re wondering? Animal eyes can’t detect these colors the same way as human eyes, so you’re much less likely to spook your prey. It also gives you the advantage of preserving your own night-adjusted vision so you aren’t suddenly blinded by your own light.

If you want to explore color outputs without committing to a flashlight with various outputs, filters are an easy and inexpensive way to convert your white beam to red, green or blue light.

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