NITECORE Store Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Are you looking for just the right gift for the EDC enthusiast in your life? Our Everyday Carry Gift Guide 2019 Edition will make you the hero of the holidays with top EDC flashlights, knives, and tactical pens from NITECORE that he can use day and night.

What does EDC mean?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry and covers a wide range of products designed to be carried daily to help you prepare for any challenge, task, or emergency. For some people, it might mean one or two essentials while others prefer a full pocket or bag of goodies.

Some of the most common EDC items include pens, flashlights, knives, pistols, journals, wallets, and more. For a complete discussion on everyday carry, check out our full EDC flashlight guide that covers everything you need to know.

EDC Flashlight Gift Ideas

Keychain Flashlights

nitecore tip2 edc keychain light gift idea


Why we like it:

We didn’t think the TIP could get any better until NITECORE released the TIP2. With an output twice as bright as before and a new magnetic tail cap, the TIP2 is brighter and more useful while retaining the same small body the TIP was known for.

nitecore tup edc keychain flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

At 1000 lumens bright on Turbo, the NITECORE TUP is the brightest of our keychain flashlights — although, we like the TUP for pocket carry too! In addition to the bright output, the TUP’s bright OLED display makes this feel like a luxury flashlight without breaking the bank.

nitecore tini edc keychain flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

Just because the NITECORE TINI is our smallest keychain flashlight doesn’t mean its output is lacking. The 380 lumen beam is complimented by a beaded optic surface to create a beam that’s easy on the eyes for reading and everyday tasks.

nitecore tube edc keychain light gift idea


Why we like it:

This upgraded version of NITECORE’s featherweight keychain flashlight gives you 10 more lumens of output, faster charging, and longer runtimes. Who doesn’t appreciate it when an old favorite gets even better?

EDC Keychain Flashlight Comparison

Small Flashlights

nitecore nm01 small edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

The NITECORE NM01 makes getting started with EDC flashlights easy while still offering an output that’s professional-quality. The palm-sized NM01 features a 1000 lumen output and a rear control switch that’s tailor-made for inspecting, reading and searching. Best of all? The NM01 uses a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about replacing or sourcing compatible batteries. Just plug it in and go!

nitecore mt10c small edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

When you want a little more control and options, the NITECORE MT10C is an excellent EDC choice. The 920 lumen white output is complimented by a secondary red output that can be used for night photography, star gazing, hunting and tactical use.

The other thing we really like about the MT10C? The dual control buttons and tactical tail cap make this one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there.

nitecore mt20a small edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

If you prefer something that runs on commonly found batteries, the NITECORE MT20A is for you. Powered by 2x AA batteries, the MT20A supports a 360 lumen white output and secondary red light that you can use to illuminate all your everyday activities.

If you’re shopping for someone who likes to carry things in a shirt pocket, the MT20A’s pen-style makes it ideal for pocket carry.

Small EDC Flashlight Comparison

18650 Flashlights

nitecore mh12gts 18650 edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

1800 lumens bright? Built-in charging? What more could you ask for! When you need to use a flashlight frequently throughout the day, the MH12GTS makes the perfect companion.

nitecore ec23 18650 edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

For those of you who have an external charger or don’t want to tie up your flashlight while it’s charging, consider getting a non-rechargeable flashlight. The NITECORE EC23 incorporates the same, 1800 lumen output as the MH12GTS without the built-in charging port making this EDC flashlight a budget-friendly pick.

nitecore p18 18650 edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

NITECORE re imagined the 18650 tactical flashlight when it released the NITECORE P18 earlier this year. Incorporating a diecast unibody design and separate white and red LED controls, the result is a hybrid flashlight that we just love for EDC.

nitecore mh20gt 18650 edc flashlight gift idea


Why we like it:

Whenever you can get nearly 400 yards of throw distance from a flashlight that fits in your palm, you know good things are happening. The NITECORE MH20GT is a favorite for inspecting, searching, and other uses where that long throw distance is needed.

18650 EDC Flashlight Comparison

EDC Knife Gift Ideas

nitecore ntk05 edc knife gift idea


Why we like it:

When you don’t need the full power of a larger EDC knife but still need the occasional blade, the NITECORE NTK05 scalpel knife is the perfect compromise. The ultra lightweight titanium frame is strong and durable, and the No. 11 scalpel blade can quickly and easily be replaced as it dulls.

nitecore ntk10 edc knife gift idea


Why we like it:

From box cutting to glass breaking to opening bottles, the NTK10 titanium utility knife keeps you prepared for whatever life throws your way.

EDC Knives Comparison

EDC Pen Gift Ideas

nitecore ntp20 tactical edc pen gift idea


Why we like it:

The NITECORE NTP20 pen is a titanium-bodied, tactical pen that’s also equipped with a tungsten tip for glass breaking. What does this mean for you? A lightweight yet extremely durable pen you can keep by your side for writing in all weather conditions that can also back you up in an emergency. Oh, and you’ll look good doing it.

nitecore ntp21 tactical edc pen gift idea


Why we like it:

The NITECORE NTP21 is the lighter, aluminum-bodied version of the NTP20 while retaining the same, high quality writing tip as NTP20. Whether you’re taking notes at your next board meeting or field notes in the rain, the NTP21 prepares you for anything.

nitecore ntp21 tactical edc pen gift idea


Why we like it:

When you want to get the job done and look impressive while you do it, put the NITECORE NTP30 titanium bolt-action tactical pen in your pocket. The NTP30 uses the same, high quality Schneider ink refills as the NTP20 and NTP21 but features a bolt-action retractable tip so you don’t have to worry about losing your pen cap.

EDC Tactical Pen Comparison