Three features to look for in your next camping flashlight

1. Ultralow Default

Why it’s important: There’s nothing worse than getting a bright flash to your eyes in the middle of the night. Having a flashlight that always turns on at the lowest setting is a surefire way to prevent such mishaps.

Our Pick: With the ability to fine tune your output, the EC22 is our pick for one of the easiest to use flashlights with a default low output.


2. Multiple LED Outputs

Why it’s important: When picking out a camping light, look for lights with different output options to get more functionality out of your gear. Red LEDs are perfect for preserving night vision and high CRI LEDs produce better colors and details for up-close work.

Our Pick:We recommend the NU25 headlamp which has the added bonus of being hands-free! This rechargeable headlamp has three output sources for task-specific lighting every time.

3. Size

Why it’s important: It may seem like a no brainer, but size is a key consideration for any camping light. The good news is many NITECORE lights are so compact you can fit them in your pocket.

Our Pick: We like the the LR10 mini lantern which measures only L-2.58″xW-1.97″xH-0.98″ and weighs a mere 2.08 oz!

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