Race to 25K Giveaway – Win a NITECORE TM9K or TIP SE

Help us build our YouTube channel and get the chance to win a NITECORE TM9K or TIP SE flashlight! Drop a comment on the video below and subscribe to our channel, it’s that easy. Once we reach 25,000 followers, we’ll pick one random comment and give away 7 prizes to the lucky winners! What are you waiting for?

Congratulations to all our past giveaway winners!

August 2018

Tim H., IL (Concept 2 flashlight)

December 2018

Melinda M., OK (TM10K flashlight)

January 2019

Bill B., NJ (NU32 headlamp)

Mike M., WI (NU32 headlamp)

Neil Q., VA (NU32 headlamp)

February 2019

Audrey L., MN (TUP flashlight)

March 2019

Jeremiah L., CA (NTP30 titanium tactical pen)

Kurt H., CA (HC33 headlamp)

May 2019

Rik R., WA (MH12GTS flashlight)

June 2019

Debbie T., NC (TIP2 flashlight)

July 2019

Randal G., FL (LR50 lantern)

August 2019

Brian D., OH (MH25GTS Tactical Kit)

October 2019

Brad W., CA (NU Headlamp Bundle)

November 2019

Frank Davenport (NEW P12)

December 2019

Paul Deyarmin (NM02)

January 2020

Matt Gadbois (TM9K)

February 2020

Michael Melnick (i4000R)

March 2020

Mark White (E4K)

June 2020

Travis Worthington (MH12 v2)

July 2020

Steven Keller (NB10000)

Congratulations to all our past giveaway winners!

August 2020

Khristopher H., TX (E4K)

September 2020

Mike S., MD (HU60 Kit)

October 2020

Ashoji D., TX (P20i)

November 2020

Gary S., CA (MH12S)

December 2020

Len A., PA (i4000R)

January 2021

Bridgett T., MS (TM9K)