NITECORE NM01: 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Everyday carry enthusiasts, get ready to meet an all-inclusive flashlight you won’t want to leave home without. The NITECORE NM01 EDC flashlight packages a 1000 lumen output in a palm-sized aluminum body. Read, inspect, search, and signal with ease! Best of all? The NM01 runs off a USB rechargeable internal battery so you don’t need […]

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: NITECORE MT21C Adjustable Angle Flashlight

Are you looking to get Dad a gift he won’t be able to put down? Look no further than the NITECORE MT21C adjustable-angle flashlight. This powerful and easy to use flashlight can seamlessly transition from a traditional handheld flashlight to a right-angle work light and comes stocked with plenty of other goodies that mean he’ll […]

Go Hands-free with NITECORE’s Magnetic Flashlights

Updated 1/17/2020 It’s hard to stress how helpful a magnetic tail cap can be until you find yourself struggling to balance a flashlight in one hand and do repairs with the other. It’s awkward and frustrating and even dangerous. The good news is, it’s also completely avoidable with the right tool. Nowadays many flashlights include […]