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Are the NITECORE MH12GTS & MH25GTS flashlights waterproof?

NITECORE recently introduced a re-designed tactical tail cap for rechargeable flashlights that includes a micro-USB charging port built directly into the cap.

Featured on the newly arrived MH12GTS and MH25GTS rechargeable flashlights, this revolutionary design offers dual protection from water and dust ingress with an internally waterproof micro-USB port and rubber cover. And because the port itself is waterproof, your flashlight will remain protected even if the port cover is loose.

So, the answer is yes! You can feel confident knowing that your NITECORE flashlight is rated to survive submersion in water up to 2 meters deep and can be used reliably in all weather conditions.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below what your favorite feature is on the NITECORE MH12GTS!

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