NITECORE Store Work & Professional Lights Gift Guide 2019

NITECORE Store Work & Professional Flashlight Holiday Gift Guide 2019

What better gift for someone who works in the dark than a flashlight? NITECORE offers an extensive line of flashlights, headlamps and accessories designed with the working man or woman in mind. Whether they’re working in construction, engineering, maintenance, or security, we have the lighting tools they need to get the job done safely. This hand-crafted list of gear for professionals will help you find the perfect gift for the hard worker in your life.

Flashlights for Working Professionals

Pocket-sized Flashlights


NITECORE TUP pocket flashlight for working professionals

Why you’ll like it: The NITECORE TUP sits comfortably at the intersection of utility and luxury with its 1000 lumen output and smart OLED display that reports output levels, battery remaining and more. A sturdy, built-in pocket clip makes this compact flashlight a favorite for pocket carry, and USB charging adds even more convenience.

TUP Specifications


NITECORE TIP2 keychain flashlight gift idea for working professionals

Why you’ll like it: The original TIP made a big splash in 2016 for its 360 lumen output in a body the size of your thumb so it was quite a surprise when NITECORE managed to double the output and maintain a similar size. What’s more, the TIP2 incorporates a new, quick-release magnetic tail cap that lets you easily remove the TIP2 from your keychain for handheld use. Now that’s a lot to like.

TIP2 Specifications


NITECORE MT06MD AAA penlight for working professionals, doctors, nurses

Why you’ll like it: This AAA-compatible penlight is a must-have for anyone who wants a slim, lightweight flashlight they can carry in a shirt pocket. Designed for medical professionals to use for pupil exams, the MT06MD goes beyond being just a diagnostic tool with a warm, high CRI output that’s a top choice for revealing colors and details.

MT06MD Specifications

Flashlights for the Duty Belt/Holster/Toolbox


NITECORE MT21C adjustable angle flashlight for home and auto repair

Why you’ll like it: If you work in the dark and could only have 1 flashlight, the MT21C would be our pick every single time. Use it as a traditional, handheld torch and enjoy up to 1000 lumens of light or take advantage of the 90° adjustable head to turn the MT21C into a work light. Complete with a magnetic tail cap and metal hanging loop, the MT21C is ideal for maintenance work, auto repair and anything else where getting light into tight spaces can be a challenge.

MT21C Specifications


NITECORE NEW P12 1200 lumen tactical flashlight

Why you’ll like it: The NEW P12 is the latest take on the classic P12 form factor and adds several features that make it perfect for the duty belt. First, NITECORE upgraded the output from 1000 to 1200 lumens while also adding support for 21700-size li-ion batteries (included). The NEW P12 also incorporates a redesigned body which adds additional spots to place your pocket clip and comes with an NTH10 hard-sided tactical holster.

NEW P12 Specifications


NITECORE MH27UV rechargeable tactical flashlight

Why you’ll like it: Although the MH27UV was created with law enforcement in mind, we think anyone can benefit from this powerful, rechargeable flashlight. Complementing the 1000 lumen / 496 yard throw white output are secondary red, blue and UV LEDs that can be used for inspecting and other tactical needs.

MH27UV Specifications

Ultra Bright Flashlights


NITECORE TM10K 10000 lumen USB C rechargeable flashlight

Why you’ll like it: The TM10K is the king of the Tiny Monster series with its intensely bright, 10,000 lumen burst mode. When you need to light up a large area and quick, the TM10K gets the job done. What we like even more about the TM10K, though, is how it handles lower modes. Set your preferred HIGH mode anywhere from 400 to 2000 lumens and enjoy longer runtimes than an 18650 flashlight thanks to the built-in, 21700 INR battery.

TM10K Specifications


NITECORE MH40GTR long throw rechargeable flashlight

Why you’ll like it: When your job involves needing to signal and search across vast distances, the MH40GTR is here. Capable of 1096 yards of throw, this rechargeable, 1200 lumen flashlight is ideal for search and rescue, water safety, land management and more.

MH40GTR Specifications


NITECORE TM28 Tiny Monster 6000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashight

Why you’ll like it: Put the power of a mini searchlight in your hand with the MH20GT. An impressive, 1000 lumen output offers up to 396 yards of throw distance that’s ideal for signaling and searching. The MH20GT is also USB rechargeable (battery sold separate), allowing for pairing with a solar panel to keep you running for days on end.

TM28 Specifications

Headlamps for Hands-Free Work


NITECORE HC65 1000 lumen rechargeable headlamp

Why you’ll like it: The HC65 has often been described as a “jack-of-all-trades” for its versatile, multi-source output. Paired with a primary, 1000 lumen white output are secondary red output that helps users preserve night vision in dark environments, and a high CRI output that renders colors more like sunlight and can be used for an up close flood of light. With everything you need to get started including a USB charging cable and rechargeable battery, the HC65 makes a no-brainer for gift giving.

HC65 Specifications


NITECORE HC33 1800 Lumen L-shaped headlamp

Why you’ll like it: A powerhouse for lighting at 1800 lumens on the brightest setting, the HC33 is actually a headlamp and flashlight in one. Lightweight and comfortably worn on your head with the included headband, the light can also be removed from the bracket and used as a handheld torch. Factor in the magnetic tailcap for hands-free use and it’s easy to see why this is a favorite among working professionals.

HC33 Specifications

Battery Chargers to Power Your Day & Night


NITECORE i8 8-slot universal battery charger

Why you’ll like it: Set up the perfect charging station with this desktop charger capable of charging up to 8 batteries at once. There’s also a USB pass-through so you can charge your phone, tablets and other USB devices at the same time.

i8 Specifications



Why you’ll like it: Traveling between job sites leaves plenty of time for charging, and the VCL10 lets you power up all your USB devices with this handy car charger. The VCL10 is also equipped with an adjustable angle white and red flashlight you can use for emergencies and signaling. There’s even a glass breaker tip.

VCL10 Specifications


NITECORE UMS2 2-slot USB digital battery charger

Why you’ll like it: It doesn’t matter if you’re charging a 21700, 18650 or other size battery, the UMS2 is a top choice for budget-friendly charger that can be powered by any USB source. The digital display keeps you informed as to the charging status and the lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for travel. (Also available with 4-slots, UMS4)

UMS2 Specifications


NITECORE SC2 speedy universal battery charger

Why you’ll like it: No one likes spending hours waiting for batteries to charge, and the SC2 solves that problem. With speeds up to 3A in a single port, this handy charger not only gets the job done fast, but a brightly lit LCD display keeps you fully informed as to what’s going on. (Also available with 4-slots, SC4)

SC2 Specifications

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