NITECORE Store Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide 2019

nitecore store holiday everyday carry gift guide 2019

Prepare for whatever life throws your way with our 2019 everyday carry gift guide. From EDC flashlights to tactical pens, we have the tools you need to survive.

EDC Keychain Flashlight Gift Ideas


nitecore tip2 rechargeable keychain flashlight EDC gift idea

Why you’ll like it: The TIP2 takes the incredibly small body the TIP is known for and doubles the output to 720 lumens. NITECORE didn’t stop improving the TIP there, though! The TIP2 adds a magnetic tail cap cover so you can quickly remove the light from your keychain and doubles as a USB port cover.

TIP2 Specifications


nitecore tup edc flashlight gift idea

Why you’ll like it: At 1000 lumens bright, the NITECORE TUP re-thinks the possibilities for keychain flashlights. Add in the digital display and USB charging, and this one is an instant winner. Keychain carrying not your thing? The TUP is at home as a pocket carry, too!

TUP Specifications


nitecore tube v2.0 keychain flashlight edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: A long standing favorite around the holidays, the TUBE V2.0 is this year’s upgrade to our featherweight keychain option. The TUBE V2.0 upgrades the output from 45 to 55 lumens, increased the overall runtime and reduced charging time. Now that’s an upgrade worth noting!

NITECORE TUBE V2.0 keychain flashlight comparison chart

TUBE V2.0 Specifications


NITECORE TINI rechargeable keychain light edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: The TINI name is well-deserved by this SUPER tiny keychain flashlight. For those of you looking to keep your EDC light while still packing a useful, 380-lumen output, you won’t go wrong with the TINI.

TINI Specifications

EDC Handheld Flashlight Gift Ideas


NITECORE MT10C flashlight edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: If you’re looking for an EDC flashlight with a red light, the MT10C is for you. From night photography and star gazing to searching a tent in the dark, you’ll love the easy to access red option which helps preserve night vision.

MT10C Specifications


NITECORE EC30 flashlight edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: The EC30 is NITECORE’s re-design of the Concept 1 and in doing so, takes this sleek EDC flashlight to the next level. Powerfully bright at 1800 lumens max output, the EC30 also incorporates a magnetic tail cap and built-in pocket clip that just oozes EDC goodness.

EC30 Specifications


NITECORE MH23 rechargeable flashlight edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Combining the power of 1800 lumens with the convenience of USB charging, the NITECORE MH23 gives you the functionality you’ll love while packing everything into a super small, palm-sized body.

MH23 Specifications

EDC Battery Charger Gift Ideas


NITECORE LC10 travel charger edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Charge any size li-ion battery with this flexible magnetic USB charger. Simply attach the nodes to each end of the battery and your preferred power source and the LC10 will do the rest. But it doesn’t stop there! The LC10 can also be paired with a charged battery to power your other USB devices. It even includes a mini reading light for backup lighting in a pinch.

LC10 Specifications


NITECORE UI1 li-ion battery charger edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: With 21700-size batteries gaining popularity, this minimalist charger is just the thing for keeping your batteries charged at home and on the go. Plug into any available USB power source and the UI1 will quickly and safely charge your batteries. (Also available in a 2-slot version, the UI2)

NITECORE UI1 battery charger edc gift idea

UI1 Specifications


NITECORE VCL10 USB car charger edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Charge all your USB devices on the go with this multi-function USB car charger. Built into the body of the VCL10 is a white and red adjustable angle flashlight that can be used for backup lighting and signaling as well as a glass breaker tip for emergencies. Staying prepared has never been easier.

VCL10 Specifications


NITECORE NL1834R USB rechargeable 18650 battery edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Skip the charger completely with USB rechargeable batteries. You read that right — thisbutton-top 18650 battery has a micro-USB charging port built directly into the cell itself so all you need is a charging cable and USB power source and you’re good to go. (Also available in 2600mAh capacity)

NL1834R Specifications

EDC Gear Gift Ideas


NITECORE NTP20 titanium tactical pen

Why you’ll like it: You’ll never be without a pen when you put the NITECORE NTP20 tactical pen in your pocket. Compatible with Schneider quick-drying, waterproof ink, the NTP20 can write in all weather conditions. Perfect for taking field notes, journaling or just laying down your John Hancock, these tactical pens can also double as a glass breaker or self-defense tool in an emergency. (Also available in aluminum, the NTP21)

NTP20 Specifications


NITECORE NTP31 titatnium bolt-action tactical pen edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Style and functionality meet in the NTP30 titanium bolt-action tactical pen. Durable, lightweight and compatible with the same ink refills as the NTP20 and NTP21, the bolt-action release means you won’t have to keep track of a pen cap.

NTP30 Specifications


NITECORE NTK10 titanium utility knife edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: Built from lightweight and durable titanium, the NTK10 is the ultimate utility knife you won’t want to leave at home. Use the replaceable OLFA CKB-2 blade for cutting, box opening and security or the incorporated bottle opener and glass breaker tool for even more functionality.

NITECORE NTK10 titanium utility knife

NTK10 Specifications


NITECORE NTK05 titanium folding knife edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: When you want the utility of a knife but don’t have the space for a full-size knife, the NTK05 is ready for the task. A minimalist, titanium frame conceals a replaceable No. 11 scalpel blade that’s ideal for box cutting, letter opening, rope cutting and scraping.

NTK05 Specifications

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