NITECORE Store Outdoor Sports Holiday Gift Guide 2019

NITECORE Store Outdoor Sports and Camping Holiday Gift Guide

If your loved one is all about camping, backpacking, hiking, and exploring, we have the gifts you’re looking for. NITECORE flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and gear will keep them safe and prepared for their next adventure. We’ve put together a hand-crafted gift guide to help you knock out your holiday shopping.

Headlamps for Running, Backpacking and Camping


NITECORE NU17 rechargeable running headlamp gift idea

Why you’ll like it: If ever there was a headlamp designed for runners and joggers, the NU17 is it. The 180 degree, wide angle beam provides a flood of pathway lighting so you can safely see and be seen on your evening jog. At only 1.65 oz, the NU17 is one of our smallest headlamps so you can wear it comfortably for hours on end. Complete with a built-in battery and USB charging, the NU17 is a complete package right out of the box.

NU17 Specifications


NITECORE NU25 rechargeable headlamp camping gift idea

Why you’ll like it: The NU25 has been steadily building a reputation among the backpacking community as a top headlamp choice. Not only is the NU25 our lightest weight headlamp at 0.99 oz, but the 360 lumen output is powerful enough to light up distances near and far. Add in the secondary red and high CRI outputs and the NU25 delivers a headlamp that can be used for backpacking, photography, fishing and more.

NU25 Specifications


NITECORE NU32 rechargeable headlamp camping gift idea

Why you’ll like it: When you want a little more power than the NU17 or NU25, the NU32 is the next step up. Providing a bright, 550 lumen output while still retaining a footprint that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, the NU32 is a favorite for camping, hunting, caving and so much more.

NU32 Specifications


NITECORE HC33 L-shape headlamp outdoor gift idea

Why you’ll like it: The HC33 blows away the competition when it comes to output. At 1800 lumens bright, the HC33 is a favorite among campers, hunters, cave explorers, and anyone else who needs to eliminate the dark without strapping on a bulky, awkward accessory. The HC33 can also be removed from the headband bracket and used as a handheld flashlight for a truly versatile option.

HC33 Specifications

Lanterns for Camping, RV’ing and Backpacking


NITECORE LA30 bi fuel LED lantern camping gift idea

Why you’ll like it: If you love the convenience of a built-in battery but worry about finding ways to recharge out in the wilderness, the LA30 is your best friend. Capable of being powered through an internal, USB rechargeable battery or two AA batteries, the LA30 gives you the peace of mind you need when gearing up for a camping trip.

LA30 Specifications


NITECORE LA10 mini lantern

Why you’ll like it: A lantern the size of a tube of chapstick? That’s right! The LA10’s unique, retractable diffuser design makes this one of the most compact lanterns available anywhere. Powered by a single AA battery, the LA10 is a top choice for backpacking, hiking, camping and emergency preparedness.

LA10 Specifications


NITECORE LR50 camping lantern and power bank

Why you’ll like it: The LR50 is not only the brightest lantern in our collection, but it comes jam-packed with features that make it an instant favorite. Choose from 360° or several directional output settings to control exactly where your lights go while a convenient hanging loop and magnetic base let you position the lantern wherever you need it most. Best of all, when paired with 2 fully charged 18650 batteries, the LR50 can be used as a powerbank to charge your other devices.

LR50 Specifications

Flashlights for Backpacking and Camping


NITECORE EC22 camping flashlight

Why you’ll like it: If straightforward lighting is your goal, the EC22 fits the bill. Dial in your exact desired output using the innovate rotary switch design with outputs available anywhere between 0 and 1000 lumens. And because the EC22 always starts out on the lowest possible setting, you can rest assured that you won’t bother others or attract unwanted attention.

EC22 Specifications


NITECORE MT10 mini flashlight

Why you’ll like it: The MT10C is a mini tactical flashlight with a secondary red output, need we say more? The small body is ideal for pockets and backpacks while, at 920 lumens bright on TURBO, offering more than enough light for nighttime illumination. If you’ll be stargazing, photographing or just want to avoid attracting bugs, you’ll love the low-lumen red output.

MT10C Specifications


NITECORE MH20GT mini rechargeable flashlight

Why you’ll like it: Put the power of a mini searchlight in your hand with the MH20GT. An impressive, 1000 lumen output offers up to 396 yards of throw distance that’s ideal for signaling and searching. The MH20GT is also USB rechargeable (battery sold separate), allowing for pairing with a solar panel to keep you running for days on end.

MH20GT Specifications


NITECORE MH12GTS 1800 lumen rechargeable flashlight

Why you’ll like it: At 1800 lumens bright on TURBO, the MH12GTS is the brightest flashlight on our list. This tactical-style flashlight comes complete with a rechargeable 18650 battery and built-in charging port, making it easy to use, carry, and power.

MH12GTS Specifications


NITECORE MT20A AA Stylus Flashlight with white and red output

Why you’ll like it: Prefer to roll with a flashlight powered by AA batteries? The MT20A fits the bill with its pen-style tactical body that accepts 2 easily-sourced AA batteries. The 360 lumen TURBO mode gives plenty of light for illumination both near and far and a secondary red output gives you even more options.

MT20A Specifications


NITECORE EC23 1800 lumen flashlight

Why you’ll like it: We understand not everyone is a fan of tactical-style flashlights (that is, a control switch on the rear tail cap) which is why we include the EC23. With similar specs as the MH12GTS, the EC23 offers easy-to-learn controls from a single side switch that is perfect for outdoor exploring.

EC23 Specifications


NITECORE EA42 AA 1800 lumen flashlight

Why you’ll like it: 1800 lumens from a AA flashlight? Sign us up! The EA42 incorporates a longer, easy-to-grip handle than its predecessor (the EA41) and emits a focused, 1800 lumen / 386 yard throw beam that’s ideal for searching, signaling and illuminating the outdoors.

EA42 Specifications

Other Gear for the Outdoor Sportsman


NITECORE NTP21 aluminum tactical pen

Why you’ll like it: From field notes to journaling, you’ll always be prepared with the NTP21 tactical pen in your pocket. Compatible with Schneider gel ink refills, the NTP21 is quick-drying and waterproof allowing you to write in all weather conditions. Adding more utility to this handy pen is a tungsten steel tip that can be used for glass breaking or self-defense in an emergency.

NTP21 Specifications


NITECORE NTK05 titanium folding knife edc gift idea

Why you’ll like it: You’re probably already carrying some form of utility/pocket knife, but it never hurts to have a backup. Enter the NTK05 folding keychain knife that incorporates a durable, titanium frame with replace No. 11 scalpel blades for a backup to your larger knife. At only 0.17 oz, it would be foolish not to keep one in your camping or emergency kit.

NTK05 Specifications


NITECORE NBM40 silicone battery magazine for 18650 batteries

Why you’ll like it: Safely and securely carry your backup 18650 batteries with the NBM40 silicone battery holder. Capable of holding up to 4x 18650 batteries at a time, this flexible and lightweight magazine can be clipped to a keychain, carabiner or tucked in your backpack for easy carry.

NITECORE NBM40 silicone battery magazine

NBM40 Specifications

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