The NITECORE TIP and TINI Go Copper with New Cu Editions

Add some style to your everyday carry gear with new copper editions of the NITECORE TIP and TINI keychain flashlights. The anodized aluminum of the original editions have been swapped for a gorgeous, shiny copper body that will develop a unique patina over time.

Why Copper Flashlights?

1. Antimicrobial properties – Copper, brass, and bronze have long been known for their antimicrobial properties. If you’re frequently tackling a dirty job, consider the Cu edition for its natural germ fighting resistance.

2. Denser construction – Because copper is denser than aluminum, these editions will feel hefty in your hand without adding too much extra weight.

3. Patina over time – Probably our favorite reason for picking up one of these beauties, the copper body will develop its own patina over time to reveal a story of your everyday travels.

You can pick up the NITECORE TIP Cu for $36.95 or the TINI Cu for $31.95.

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